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Graduate Email Server

The Graduate email server is designated to support email services for the University's alumni. Each alumnus is automatically assigned a graduate email account upon graduation to facilitate communication between the HKU graduates and the Alma Mater.

The Graduate server is a HP rp3440-4 cluster with the configuration as follows:

  • Hardware Configuration
    • 2 x 1GHz PA8900 processor (on node1), 4 x 1GHz PA8900 processor (on node2)
    • 4GB of memory (on node1), 8GB of memory (on node2)
    • connected to HP Enterprise Virtual Array 5000 (EVA5000) SAN system of capacity 4TB
    • Estimated aggregated SPECint_rate2000 = 54
    • Estimated aggregated SPECfp_rate2000 = 48
    • Estimated aggregated GFLOPS = 12
  • Software
    • HP-UX 11.23 with MC Service Guard High Availability (HA) software
    • HP Apache Web Server 2.0.50
    • SMTP, IMAP and POP servers