PDF X-Change Pro

PDF X-Change Pro is a software product developed by Tracker Software Products for viewing, creating and editing PDF documents.  It carries similar functionalities as those supported by Adobe Acrobat Professional.  PDF-XChange PRO supports Windows 7 or later but not Macintosh.  For details, please see https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-pro.

A campus license on PDF-XChange PRO has been arranged through which University staff can use it on PCs directly owned or leased by departments within the University campus without additional charge (campus outside Hong Kong is not covered under the campus license).  They can also install this software on personal equipment used for work-related purpose.  For students, they can use this software on departmental PCs but installation and use on the personal equipment of students is specifically prohibited.

Please note that the use of this software is governed by the End User License Agreements of Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd at https://www.tracker-software.com/licensing.   Staff can visit Tracker Software Products’ knowledgebase at https://www.tracker-software.com/knowledgebase for the frequently asked questions and useful information on using this software.

Please click here to view the "Procedures on Installation of PDF-XChange PRO".