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Common Software List & Supported Peripherals for VPC (for Staff and RPG Students)

Common Software List & Supported Peripherals for VPC (for Staff and RPG Students)

A common set of software is installed on the VPCs.  The software list will be updated on a quarterly basis and software upgrades will be arranged by ITS through central deployment.
The latest software list is tabulated below:
Categories Application Name Description Version installed on VPC Next version to be upgraded on VPC Expected date of upgrade 
Windows 10    
n/a Jan 2021
Web browser
  Edge   Bundled with operating system
  Internet Explorer   Bundled with operating system
  Mozilla Firefox   68.4.1 ESR 68.7.0 ESR Apr 2020
  Chrome   80 n/a n/a
  Microsoft Office Professional Plus
(Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word)
Office suite 2016 2019 Jul 2020
  Microsoft Teams Instant messaging, video conferencing, collaboration tool 1.3 n/a n/a
  Zoom Instant messaging, video conferencing, collaboration tool 5.4 n/a n/a
  Skype for Business 2016 Instant messaging, video conferencing tool Professional Plus 2016 n/a n/a
  PDF-XChange PRO PDF document editor and viewer version 8.0.333.0 8.0.336.0 Jul 2020
  Notepad++ Text/source code editor version 7.8 n/a n/a
  WinMerge Text differencing/merging tool version 2.16.4 n/a n/a
  SmartDraw 2018 Diagramming software 2018 2019 To be confirmed
  EndNote X9 Reference management software version X9.2 x9.3.1 Jul 2020
  AutoCAD DWG TrueView 2018 Viewing AutoCAD data files version n/a n/a
  Power Automate Desktop Automating workflow n/a n/a
  VLC Media Player Multimedia player 3.0.8 n/a n/a
  IrfanView Graphic viewer 4.53 4.54 Apr 2020
  GIMP Image manipluation 2.10.14 n/a To be confirmed
  Microsoft Azure Information Protection Protect sensitive documents (IRM tool) 1.54.59 Apr 2020
  Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Antivirus solution 10 n/a n/a
  VeraCrypt File encryption/ decryption tool 1.24 n/a n/a
  7-Zip File archiving tool 19 n/a n/a
  FileZilla FTP client FTP client 3.45.1 Apr 2020
  PuTTY Terminal emulator 0.73 n/a n/a
Statistical Analysis
  SPSS Statistics analysis 25 n/a n/a
  AMOS Structural equation modeling 25 n/a n/a
  Sample Power Sample size tool 3.0.1 n/a n/a
  MATLAB Numeric computation and visualization R2020a n/a n/a
  Microsoft Power BI Desktop Data analytic 2.79 n/a n/a
  Visio 2016 (for specific licensed users in the Finance and Enterprises Office only)      
  Convene Paperless meeting 5.6.106592 n/a n/a
  Microsoft Silverlight 5   5.1.50918.0 n/a n/a
  AutoCAD 2017 (for specific licensed users in the Estates Office only)      

Last update: 25 Jan 2021

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