Online Appointment

Please book a timeslot via the Online Booking System (HKUFBS).

Service Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 16:00 on Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

Output Collection

Users will be informed by email when the 3D printer object is ready for collection from the 1/F counter in the Chi Wah Learning Commons. 

Charging Rate

Printing Time (mins)Service Charge (Print Units)
0 – 3570
36 – 65140
66 – 95210
96 – 125280
126 – 155350
156 – 185420
186 – 215490
216 – 245560
246 – 275630
276 – 305700
306 – 335770
336 – 365840

Guidelines for Using 3D Printing

  1. The 3D printing service is provided for use by University students and staff.
  2. 3D printing is provided at cost as indicated in the section on Charging Rate. The rate is subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Printed objects may have small surface defects such as bumps or holes. Such defects will not be accepted as a reason for refund. Please note that users are required to pay for the printed objects even they cannot be completed if it is due to a problem of the 3D model file provided.
  4. Some printed objects may come with temporary support material and users will have to remove it by themselves. 

  5. ITS reserves the right to decline a printing request or cancel a printing job if the object to print may infringe copyright or contain abusive constituents.
  6. Users are required to collect the printed objects within 1 week after they are notified of the collection. Uncollected objects after the collection period will be disposed of and no refund will be arranged.


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