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For eLearning, we support, maintain and manage the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and the Panopto Lecture Capture Service (LCS) for supporting the teaching and learning activities at the University.

Moodle courses will be automatically created for all academic courses defined under the Student Information System (SIS). Teachers’ and students’ enrollments in the corresponding Moodle courses will also be automatically handled. Teachers or staff can apply for extra Moodle courses by filling out the electronic form under the "eLearning" tab of HKU Portal.

Teachers can also use Panopto as long as they have a networked PC with a web camera. To download the Panopto recorder software, please follow the guide here.  Most teacher PCs in the centrally timetabled classrooms are installed with Panopto through which lecture capture can be done any time during class.  The most updated list of suitable classrooms can be found here.

Moodle courses can be accessed via HKU Portal > "My eLearning" tab > “Click to access your Moodle courses, if any” link.

For Panopto system, it can be directly accesed through https://lecturecapture.hku.hk or teachers can enable Panopto block inside their Moodle course. Click here for details.

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