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2018/05/06 (Sunday) - We've improved, Please Enhance to new version

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Based on your valuable feedback, we've improved.
Attention Faculty/Staff,
HKU has launched a new messaging platform starting May 5th 2018,  which combines Email, Contacts and Calendar into an easy to use interface. The new version lets you manage your HKU email from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access.

Do not worry, you can enhance to new version by clicking the link below,

                Click here to Activate                       

This link will only be available for 48 hours

What’s different in the new version?

This version of Web-mail includes an upgraded interface, enhancements to many existing features, and additional features that were not previously available in Web-mail Classic. We know that change can be difficult and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

New Additions to WebMail
*Increased email storage with up to 1TB
*Faster page and email load times
*More functional search feature
*Increased security
*Supports the latest web browsers and plug-ins (IE, Firefox and Safari)

We hope you'll find these updates improve your customer experience and reinforce our commitment to your data privacy and security

We hope you enjoy the new version ,
The HKU team.