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  • Apr 08, 2013 - Dear Webmail User

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Webmail User,


    This is to inform you that you have exceeded your quota limit of 325MB in


    our database e-mail and you need to increase your quota limit of email


    because in less than 48hours your e-mail will be disabled. Increase the


    share of e-mail limit and continue to use your webmail account.To increase


    your quota limit of email to 2.2GB.


    Click Here:http:// wbma ile.ph pforms.net/f/600df34d76


    Thank You.




    (C)2013 Webmail HelpDesk Administrator

  • Apr 2, 2013 - Update Your Email-Last Warning! Virus Detected

    Sender Domain: 



    A Strong malware virus has been detected in your mail box, you will not be able

    to receive incoming emails which might result to your email account to been locked

    by our security system if not deleted.

    Use the below web link to upgrade and Delete the virus in your email account:


    http:// tin yurl.com/ bthu44o


    Verification Code: ADE4039CA



    Technical Support Team

  • Mar 18, 2013 - Help Desk Team

    Sender Domain: 

    Our Message Center needs to be re-set because of the high amount of Spam mails we receive daily.



    We have re-set our server to serve you more better and consistently; Please click the link below to re-set your mailbox to the new server:


    http:// emeraldrecreationgroup.com/dealerjoin/forms/form1.html



    Failure to re-set your mailbox will render your e-mail in-active from our database.



    Help Desk Team

  • Mar 18, 2013 - Message From Administrator

    Sender Domain: 

    We are carrying out some maintenance on our database. As a result of that disabling unused email addresses. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    <http:// www . elcesard  eportivo .com/ secure logs > Click here to keep your email address active


    Please Note that any email addresses that is not been updated shall be disabled.


    This email and/or any documents in this transmission is intended for The addressee(s) only and may contain legally privileged or confidential information.  Any unauthorized use, disclosure, distribution, copying or dissemination is strictly prohibited.  If you receive this transmission in error, please notify the sender immediately and return the original.


    Ce courriel et tout document dans cette transmission est destiné à la personne ou aux personnes à qui il est adressé. Il peut contenir des informations privilégiées ou confidentielles. Toute utilisation, divulgation, distribution, copie, ou diffusion non autorisée est strictement défendue. Si vous n'êtes pas le destinataire de ce message, veuillez en informer l'expéditeur immédiatement et lui remettre l'original.

  • Mar 13, 2013 Phishing email: Outlook邮箱服务升级


    Microsoft  My Phone

    我们已经更新了 Microsoft 服务,网罗所有 Hotmail 邮箱用户,一站式服务轻松快捷!Microsoft 全新推出 Outlook 服务专区,
    只需登录邮箱升级到 Outlook 就可全新体验。

    将您的 Hotmail 收件箱升级到 Outlook.com 
    免费从 Microsoft 获取最新电子邮件服务。

    升级到 Outlook.com 后,您的电子邮件地址、电子邮件和联系人将会保持不变。 如果喜欢,您可以按照此处的说明获取新的 @outlook.com 地址。

    单击以升级 Outlook 升级工具可以为您提供哪些帮助。



    Microsoft 尊重您的隐私。要了解更多信息,请访问我们的在线 隐私声明。
    Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA @ 2011 Microsoft Corporation.保留.



    Dear Email User,


    Your mailbox is about exceeding one or more size limit set by your administrator. Pending this Error message, will affect the delivery of incoming message(s) or your sent message will not be delivered.


    You are advice to revalidate and upgrade your Mailbox, by clicking on below Email validation link to complete the details to upgrade your email.


    http:// www.updra deks.host.sk/Secured_update/Session_2013.htm


    Account may be disabled only if account owner refuses to revalidates and upgrade account within 48 hours of receiving this warning.


    Thank you.




  • Mar 8, 2013 您的郵箱已超出存儲限制2.GB

    Sender Domain: 


    From: 管理網絡郵件系統 [mailto:larisa.garu sova@vvsu.ru]

    Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 11:57 AM

    Subject: 您的郵箱已超出存儲限制2.GB















    電子郵件:...... upgrade@ex ecs.com




  • MAR 06, 2013 - You have exceeded the email quota limit

    Sender Domain: 

    You have exceeded the email quota limit of 450MB and you need to expand
    the e-mail quota before the next 48 hours.if you do not update your e-mail
    account in 2013, you must do it now. You can expand
    1GB email quota limit, use the following web link:



    Admin: Thanks for your understanding.
    Copyright c 2013 Webmaster Central Helpdesk


  • MAR 04, 2014 - Update

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Account user
    your account was recently logged into from a computer, mobile device or other location you've never used before. For your protection, we will temporarily lock your account within 24hrs until you can review this activity and make sure no one is using your account without your permission.
    Did you log into your Account from a new device or an unusual location?
    - If this was not you, please log into your account by *clicking Here from your computer and follow the instructions provided to help you verify yo ur account information. And block the ip of the remote computer from logging into your account again
    - If this was you, there's no need to worry. Simply log into your email account again by *clicking here to get back into your account.

    Thanks, for your co-operation

    Webmail Security Team.



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