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AV/IT Facilities in New Central Classrooms and Lecture Theatres

Dear colleagues,

The 2012/13 academic year is only a few days away.  I would like to bring your attention to the following points regarding facilities in central classrooms and lecture theatres –

(a) An overview of the new learning environment, including IT/AV facilities in classrooms and lecture theatres, in the Centennial Campus, and our support services and contact numbers, is available in the July-August 2012 issue of ITS Newsletter at http://www.its.hku.hk/news/news158/les;

(b) The IT/AV provision in the new classrooms and lecture theatres on the first floor of the Knowles Building is the same as that of the Centennial Campus;

(c) Mimio, which is an electronic device for capturing handwriting on a whiteboard for projection on screen and saving as a PDF file, is installed in a number of classrooms in the Centennial Campus for pilot use of teachers. Interested teachers should register with us as pilot users for using the device by sending an email to ithelp@hku.hk

(d) Document cameras (called “Visualizer”) are provided in new classrooms and lecture theatres in place of overhead projectors;

(e) VHS players are not available in the new classrooms and lecture theatres;

(f) It will take another two weeks or so before we are able to support a teacher bringing in his/her own PC or Mac, and connecting it to the projection facility inside a classroom/lecture theatre. A separate announcement will be made once we are ready.  Meanwhile, please use the laptop computer provided in classrooms/lecture theatres for presentation.  Of course, you will then need to bring along your teaching materials in a USB storage device to class, or access them in class through the campus network by having them uploaded into your Moodle course or sent as email attachments to your own account in advance.  

(g) Teachers should bring along marker pens to classes for use with white boards or glass boards;

(h) There is a folder with instructions on the use of AV facilities and the room control panel in each classroom/lecture theatre;

(i) The hotline for seeking assistance from the Learning Environment Services (LES) team can be found on the room control panel inside each classroom/lecture theatre, as well as on the access control panel next to the door on the outside;

(j) There is no phone set in the new classrooms; and

(k) On the podium levels of the Centennial Campus where the majority of the new central classrooms and lecture theatres are located, only “3HK” of Hutchison is currently providing satisfactory mobile services. We expect the services of other telecom service providers will gradually improve.

Due to the limited time available for putting in place the teaching facilities and our learning services operation, there is definitely room for improvement. We would like to invite you to provide us with your feedback, giving as much detail as possible, such as making reference to a particular classroom where applicable. Please send your feedback by email to ithelp@hku.hk.


Dana Lau
Learning Environment Services
13 September 2012