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End of Life of Windows Server 2003 (Dec 2, 2014)

Dear Colleagues,

End of Support of Windows Server 2003

1. Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2003 (inclusive of 2003/R2) will go out of support on 14 July 2015, which means Microsoft will not provide updates, patches and security fixes for Windows Server 2003 from that day onwards. Microsoft said in the announcement, “Get started now in moving away from Windows Server 2003.  It officially dies July 14, 2015”.

2. Since running unsupported server products will expose the University to critical information security risk, Departments are requested to take necessary actions to move away from Windows Server 2003 before the end of support date. All servers still running Windows Server 2003 must be removed from the campus network by 14 July 2015.

3. Departments are strongly advised, taking this opportunity, to migrate existing applications running on Windows Server 2003 on physical machines to the latest Windows Server 2012 on ITS Cloud Virtual Machines (VM) to gain the benefits of high resiliency, enhanced security and yet lower total cost of ownership. Details of ITS Cloud Services are at http://itscloud.hku.hk/.

4. In order to get an overall picture of the deployment of Windows Server 2003 in the University and to enable ITS to coordinate any follow-up actions, please complete and return a Reply Form* to us on or before 5 December 2014. If there is a sufficient demand for Windows Server 2012 license, we may negotiate with Microsoft for a volume discount.

5. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Mr. KC Chang at kcchang@hku.hk or Ms. Idy Tang at tangky@hku.hk.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Tang
Director of IT Services

* In case you wish to get a copy of the Reply Form, please contact Ms. Sarah Li at ymli@hku.hk.