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Extend HKU Portal PIN Length for Security Enhancement

Dear colleagues and students,

To strengthen the security protection of HKU Portal accounts against hacking, with effect from 6 May 2015 (Today) 1:00 pm, the length of HKU Portal PIN (PIN or password) will be extended from 8 characters to 10-18 characters (consisting of letters and digits, with at least 1 letter and 1 digit).  This is to reduce the chance of HKU Portal accounts being hacked through proliferating brute force and password guessing attempts.  This character extension can reduce the chance of account hacking significantly.

Please spare a minute to reset your PIN after 1:00 pm today (6 May 2015) by going to HKU Portal (https://hkuportal.hku.hk) (type “PIN” in the Search field and click the searched link “Change HKU Portal PIN”). All users will be requested to mandatorily reset their PIN upon the next password expiry period the latest.

A stronger password will help to protect a user account. Users are always reminded not to share their HKU Portal UID and PIN with others, and avoid using easily guessed passwords such as name of places, dictionary words, date of birth, phone numbers, brand of products, any string of digits, simple patterns of letters on keyboard, e.g. 'qwertasdfg', or a string of all the same letter/digit.

The 180-day password policy will continue be enforced and all users are advised to change their PIN regularly.  Staff and students are highly recommended to set up “secret question” through which they can reset the PIN on their own in case they forget it.   Please type “secret question” in the Search field under HKU Portal, click the searched link “Secret Question for Portal PIN” and follow a few simple steps to complete the setup.

In case you have any question on the above, please feel free to contact us at ithelp@hku.hk or 3917 0123.

Thank you for your attention.

P T Ho
Deputy Director
Information Technology Services