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Information Security Awareness Contest: Test your knowledge to win a great prize!

Dear colleagues and students, 

The use of information technology is increasing day by day.  We use various information technologies in our daily life to accomplish different tasks which process a large volume of data. Some of them is sensitive data, e.g. personal data, and we may store them in our own computers, mobile devices or even Internet cloud storage.  However, do we aware of theassociated risks and how to mitigate them?

To promote Information Security (IS) awareness in the University, ITS will organize a series of events under the Information Security Awareness Week to be held on 9-13 November 2015 which will include seminars, quiz, exhibitionand an awareness contest.

(A) IS Awareness Contest


Date: from now until 6 November 2015 (Friday), 2 pm

All HKU students and staff members, except ITS colleagues, are welcome to join.  Please click here to register.


Date: 9 November 2015 (Monday), 5pm – 7pm

Format: Online Quiz.  A hyper-link will be sent to the registered participants by email on 9 November2015, 5pm inviting them to answer twenty questions related to information security.

Rule: Five participants with the highest number of correct answers will be invited to enter into the final round by email (If more than five participants get the same highest number of correct answers, the earliest five submissions will be invited.).  A qualified contestant needs to invite a staff member or a student of HKU to form a team of two in the final contest, and notify ITS the contestant names by 11 November2015 (Wednesday) noon.  All Online Quiz participants will receive a souvenir from HKU ITS.


Date: 12 November 2015 (Thursday), 1pm - 2pm

Venue: Centennial Campus G/F (covered area outside Jockey Club Tower, HKU)

Format:  Live Q&A competition among the five teams, each of 2 contestants

Rule: Ten questions will be asked in Cantonese. Prizes will be given to the 3 teams with the highest scores.  In case of a tie, extra questions will be asked until there is a winner.

Contest Rules:

  1. This contest is open to all HKU students and staff, except ITS staff, with valid staff or student number.
  2. Each team is formed by 2 contestants.
  3. All contestants must enroll in the semi-final of the contest through registration at HKU Event Management System (“HKU EMS”).
  4. The qualified contestants of the final round must arrive at the venue by 12:45pm for registration.
  5. The final contest will be conducted in Cantonese.
  6. Questions about information security including but not limited to personal data protection, general PC security and anti-virus protection will be asked.
  7. There will be 10 questions in a toss-up question game for teams to answer within 20 minutes.
  8. 60 seconds will be allowed in answering a question.  Contestants are allowed to search Internet or ask for help using their mobile phones.
  9. ITS reserves the right to amend these rules as deemed necessary.  Contestants will be kept informed of any amended rules.


Champion: Microsoft Tablet 10" X98 Air II
1st Runner up: $500 Supermarket cash coupon
2nd Runner up: 2.5" External 1TB Portable USB Hard-disk

(B) IS Awareness Week

Apart from the IS Awareness Contest mentioned above, the following activities will also be arranged during the IS Awareness Week-

  1. Information Security Awareness Exhibition
  2. ITS Information Security Web Quiz
  3. Crypto Challenge Games
  4. Seminars on Personal Data Protection and Security Measures

Please visit http://www.its.hku.hk/news/news177/is-awareness-week/ for details.

In case you have questions on the above, please feel free to contact Mr. Justin Law (email: justinlw@hku.hk, phone number: 39175715) or Mr. Michael Chow (email: michael4@hku.hk, phone number: 39178748).

John Lam
Information Security Team
Information Technology Services