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New Tender for Adobe Site Licenses

[The following message was sent to List C on 20 Oct 2017.]

New Tender for Adobe Site Licenses  

ITS has coordinated a new tender on Adobe site licenses for purchase by departments.  Departments can place their orders with the selected supplier, Senco-Masslink Technology Limited directly for acquiring new Adobe licenses or renewing the maintenance subscription for Adobe licenses offered under HKU Tender No. 33197.

Below highlights the Adobe products offered under HKU Tender No. 33197:

1.                  Adobe Creative Cloud

The latest and full range of Adobe products are offered on cloud-based subscription, i.e. Adobe Creative Cloud.  Creative Cloud subscription is offered on a 12-month basis and departments have to renew the subscription annually in order to continue using the Creative Cloud products. 

2.                  Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP)

CLP licenses are offered on perpetual basis.  As Adobe has moved most of their core products to Adobe Creative Cloud, the variety of Adobe products offered under CLP is limited.  CLP licenses, new/renewal of upgrade plans, media and documentations are available for purchase by departments.

The tender price on the above Adobe products is available under HKU Portal (login to HKU Portal > type “tender” in the Search field > click the link “Tender Prices”).                                                                                

Departments using Acrobat Professional DC can consider using an alternative, PDF-XChange PRO which carries similar functionalities.  This software is now covered by a campus license under which staff can use it on PCs directly owned or leased by departments within the University campus at no additional charge (campus outside Hong Kong is not covered).  They can also use it on personal equipment used for work-related purpose.  For students, they can use this software on departmental PCs but use on personal equipment of students is specifically prohibited.

PDF-XChange PRO supports Windows 10/8/7 but not Macintosh.  Staff can download this software under HKU Portal (type “pdf” in the search field > click the link “Download PDF-XChange”).  For more details on this product, please see http://www.tracker-software.com/knowledgebase.

In case you have any questions on the above, please feel free to contact our Ms Sarah Li at 3917 6231.

Yours faithfully


Idy Tang

Senior Administrative Manager, IT Services

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