FAQ - DLP End-point Encryption for USB PSD

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expandHow can I verify if the upgrade to McAfee Agent (MA) version is successful? New

expandHow long does it take to upgrade to McAfee Agent (MA) version to New

expandWhy should I upgrade McAfee Agent (MA) to version New

expandHow to check the "Agent Version" from DLP Management Server? New

expandHow can I verify if the upgrade to McAfee File and Removable Media Protection (FRP) version is successful? New

expandHow long does it take to upgrade to McAfee FRP version New

expandWhat should I do to upgrade McAfee FRP to version New

expandWhy do I need to upgrade the McAfee FRP version New

expandIs there any impact to a USB PSD initialized by an old DLP software? New

expandIs there any change to the procedure on the initialization of a USB PSD by the new DLP software? New

expandHow are files of size > 4 GB can be stored in the encrypted container? New

expandI cannot apply the Windows 10 version 1709 (a.k.a. Windows Fall Creators Update) update to my PC with DLP software installed, why?

expandWhen I save changes in files edited by Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/WordPad/Paint files stored on an exempted USB PSD, I received an error message and it did not allow me to save the file. What should I do?

expandWhen I inserted a DLP initialized USB PSD to a PC, it did not prompt me to enter the password of that USB PSD and I could not run the DLP software executable (MfeEERM.exe) on that USB PSD. What should I do?

expandWhat are the supported platforms for installation of the new DLP software?

expandIs Mac OS X supported by the new DLP software?

expandI found that I did not need to input a password to access a DLP initialized USB PSD, why?

expandWhen I initialize USB PSD it shows “Key not available” and the button “Initialize” is dimmed, what should I do?

expandWhen I select Forgotten Password on the DLP initialized USB PSD I found the DLP software pop up a message to ask me to contact the administrator and provide the challenge code give, what should I do?

expandCan I reset the encryption password on DLP initialized USB PSD if I forgot the password?

expandI have been using DLP software on my staff PC for a while without problem. One day, after reboot of the staff PC I found the personal key disappeared and failed to encrypt USB PSD, what should I do?

expandMy backup software failed to detect the encrypted area of the DLP encrypted USB portable storage device, what should I do?

expandIs there any test made on initializing a USB Portable Storage Device (“PSD”) over 3 TB with encrypted area smaller than 3TB?

expandAfter completion of the first part of the DLP software installation, there is no pop-up message asking for reboot and there is no personal key available on the DLP software, what should I do?

expandHow to verify if DLP software is installed on my PC?

expandWhat is the tool we are using in HKU for data leakage prevention?

expandWhat type of USB flash drive should I use on HKU staff PCs

expandFiles could not be opened in the encrypted USB PSD on the PC with DLP software installed and the error message is “The files were corrupted”. However the files can be opened in the encrypted USB PSD when connected to the PC without DLP software installed. What should I do?

expandThe IP address and MAC ("Media Access Control") address information is not properly displayed on DLP server after installation of the DLP software on my PC, why?

expandAfter installation of the DLP software on PC, the personal key is not available and the button Initialize media" is dimmed in the "File and Removable Media Protection" module under the "Managed Features" of the DLP software icon, how to solve this problem?

expandDoes DLP End-point Encryption for USB PSD change how I use my PC or applications?

expandIs it mandatory to install the DLP software to all my PCs?

expandFor a PC that will be used by several staff members, is it necessary for every staff member to perform the DLP software installation using their own login account?

expand Will I see encryption happening?

expand Will encryption change how I use applications?

expand I use an external USB portable hard-disk. Will it also need encrypting?

expand How do I encrypt my USB flash device?

expandIf a USB PSD contains data file is initialized by the DLP software, will the files be erased?

expandWhat is the proper procedure to take out a DLP encrypted USB PSD after its use?

expand What is a USB PSD encryption password?

expand Is the USB PSD encryption password the same as my PC logon password?

expand What is the password policy for DLP End-point Encryption for USB PSD?

expand What should I do if I forget my password?

expand Can I change the password of the encrypted USB flash drive from other PC (with or without DLP software)?

expand In case where the staff PC has crashed and accidentally the user has forgotten the password for his encrypted USB flash drive, what can we do?

expand How are iPhone, smart phones, e.g., Android, Windows Mobile and digital cameras handled by DLP End-point Encryption for USB PSD?

expandWe are currently using USB flash drives with hardware build-in encryption feature. Do we need to install the DLP software? If it is required, will it work with such drives?

expandHow can we create USB boot up flash drive for the Ghost software?

expandCan I use the USB ReadyBoost feature as supported by Windows platforms?

expand I frequently do presentations around the world. Will my encrypted device still work?

expand I have Windows 11/Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Mac OS at home. How does encryption affect me?

expand I am bringing my USB drive to the classroom to present materials to my class. How do I access these files in the classroom?

expandIs it possible to grant exemption from encrypting a device at individual device level instead of the whole device type?

expandWhy a department needs to setup a DLP Departmental Management PC?

expandCan we uninstall the DLP software by ourselves?