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Seminar – HPC-one for interactive computing powered by HPC2021

As ITS strives to provide High Performance Computing services to advanced users and beginners alike, a web-based portal “HPC-one” was launched with an aim to provide a seamless HPC experience by eliminating prerequisites like complicated software configurations and knowledge in command line syntax. Users can transfer files, access shell environment on the cluster frontend login server, launch interactive and remote visualization session, and monitor jobs.


To let you get the most out of it, we are excited to invite you to our webinar “HPC-one for interactive computing powered by HPC2021”.


Demonstration will cover the HPC-one’s interface, functions and features with focus below:


  1. File Management
  2. Job Management (Submission, Resource Usage Monitoring and Job Template)
  3. Virtual Desktop
  4. Use of Interactive Development Environments
    Example: RStudio & JupyterLab for data science
  5. Use of Modelling and Visualization applications
    Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) & ParaView for display and analysis of molecular assemblies.
    Integrative Genomics Viewer for visual exploration of genomics data


Jun 8, 2022 Wed


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


via Zoom


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