The University of Hong Kong’s highest priorities are to create opportunities for the very best academic talents to excel and to advance human knowledge to the benefit of society. To enable these, the University will provide a world-class, intellectual environment in which all its members are recognised and rewarded for what they contribute and achieve. In this way, the University will seek to serve the needs of Hong Kong, the wider region and the rest of the world.

ITS is one of the key elements of the University’s enabling platform that will provide the professional and operational support required to fulfil the University’s ambitious agenda for the next decade.  

ITS will work in alignment with the IT strategy of the University which will:

invest in information technologies that enhance the capacity of HKU’s academic communities to collaborate with each other and with global partners, and that support the student experience;

provide professional support, consistent processes and the appropriate equipment to meet the digital needs of our staff and students;

continue to develop flexible, technology-enhanced teaching and learning spaces, and to support the operations of a highly resilient, secure and efficient electronic environment for study and work;

enhance the computing facilities available to support research, in particular by involvement in regional and national resource centres, by the provision of infrastructure for high-performance computing and efficient data management, by developing and deploying tools for collaborative working, and by fostering cooperative partnerships with international network and computing consortia on global research interests;

implement robust and up-to-date systems in the cloud era with minimum necessary functionality to support all aspects of the student experience in a cost effective way;

introduce new physical and wireless networking that will allow high-bandwidth, device-neutral and highly resilient communications capabilities, and introduce applications reaping the benefits of the latest network advancements and Internet innovations for enabling innovations in teaching, learning, research and administration; and

employ the best management practices in information technology to enhance the University’s administrative and professional services.