uPrint service is a central print-any-where service that operates based on a quota-based system*.  It supports printing from desktop PCs, notebook PCs and mobile devices within HKU campus network.  For WiFi, please connect using “HKU” (“Wi-Fi.HK via HKU” and “eduroam” are NOT supported).

* The quota is stored under HKU Portal account (for staff and students) and library account (for Library users) and will expire upon account expiry. All unused quota is non-refundable and non-transferable.

(uPrint App isn’t supported by iOS 17.4.1)

Available at

Locations B&W Color
Chi Wah Learning Commons 9 2
Faculty-Based PC Laboratories/Facilities 6 2
Main Library 17 5
Law Library 4 1
Music Library 1 1
Education Library 2 1
Dental Library 2 1
Yu Chun Keung Medical Library 5 1
Jockey Club Student Village 3 1 0
RC Lee Hall 1 0
Lee Hysan Hall 1 0
Wei Lun Hall 1 0
1/F Learning Commons, No. 3 Sassoon Road 1 1
G05, Patrick Manson Student Residence 0 1
Swire Hall 6/F 1 0
Rm 311, Haking Wong Building 0 1
Rm 312, Haking Wong Building 1 0
1/F Co-working Space, Jockey Club Student Village IV 1 0
Users can also use their notebook computers or mobile devices (iOS or Android) to print. The supported platforms include Mac OS X 10.5 or above, Windows 10, iOS and Android

Configuration Procedure

Printer Information

  • Black and White (B&W) Printers: Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV 7080CPS & Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-V 7080CPS
  • Color Printers: Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV 3373CPS & Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-VII 5573CPS

uPrint print queues

Printer type

uPrint BW PCL

Black and White Printer

uPrint BW PS

Black and White Printer

uPrint Color PCL

Color Printer

uPrint Color PS

Color Printer


A4 and A3



(print and copy)

B&W – A4

Color – A4





$0.3 or 1 unit/page

$0.2 or 0.67 unit/page

$1.5 or 5 units/page

$1.0 or 3.33 units/page

B&W – A3

Color – A3





$0.5 or 1.67 units/page

$0.3 or 1 unit/page

$3.0 or 10 units/page

$2.0 or 6.67 units/page

To comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance – DPP2 Accuracy and Duration of Retention, starting from 2 January 2020, the data retention policy for handling uPrint printing and purchase records will be as follows:

Retention period of printing records – 2 years

Retention period of purchase records – 7 years

Users can look up their uPrint printing and purchase records at uPrint Enquiry.

Purchase of Printing Units

HKU uPrint app (Not Support iOS 17.4.1)
Add Value Machines (AVM) using Octopus cards