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Use of Moodle – Assessment activities and grading online (For Staff)

Moodle is the centrally managed learning management system (LMS) at HKU. At the end of each semester, examiners need to create assessment activities which can be used to grade or provide feedback for students.

Depending on the activity, different assessment options are available:

• Group or individual work
• Automatic marking or manual marking

In this training session, we will demonstrate the design and set up of the 4 most common assessable activities in Moodle, they are:

1. Moodle Assignment
2. Turnitin Assignment
3. Quiz
4. Forum

We will also demonstrate the grading components and illustrating how to use the embedded tools to provide marks or feedback to students in Moodle directly.

All teachers, teaching assistants and programme administrators are welcome to join.


Nov 28, 2022 Mon


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


via Zoom
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