Parallel Programming with Workshop

This course is suitable for researchers and their assistants who need to run programs with very long execution time. By parallelizing and executing the program in a computer cluster environment, the execution time may be reduced significantly, for example, from 2 days to 2-3 hours.

This course provides an overview of parallel programming and how to use our HKU High Performance Computing(HPC) environment. It covers concepts of parallel programming and Message Passing Interface (MPI) programming. Participants must have programming experience in some advanced language such as C, C++ or Fortran. The workshop provides demo and hand-on experience for the participants on HPC2015 system, a Linux PC-cluster with 2320 CPU cores and 8 GPUs. For technical details on HKU HPC service, please refer to:


Dec 14, 2022 Wed


2:30 pm - 5:30 pm


K. K. Leung Building


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