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User Guide

  1. Account Management Services
    1. Reset your HKU Portal PIN due to password ageing​
    2. Change HKU Portal PIN
    3. Reset HKU Portal PIN online
  2. Cloud Services
    1. User Guide on Office 365 ProPlus for Staff
    2. User Guide for Office 365 ProPlus for Students
    3. Startup Guide for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate
  3. Communication Services
    1. Bulk Email Delivery
      1. Guidelines and Procedures for Departments to Send Bulk E-mail
      2. Guidelines and Procedures for Designated Central Offices to Send Bulk Mail
      3. User Guide on Submission of Bulk Email in HTML format
      4. Bulkmail Control Guide for Recipients
    2. eNotices System
      1. User Guide on eNotices System
    3. Collaboration
      1. User Guide on Departmental SharePoint Workspace Service
    4. Email and Calendar
      1. Webmail
        1. Procedure on Account Setup for Accessing Central Email and Calendar Service for Staff (HKUCC1)
        2. Procedure to Enable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on POP/IMAP for Staff Email
        3. User Guide on HKU Email/Calendar Service for Staff (HKUCC1) - Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
        4. User Guide on HKU Email/Calendar Service for Staff (HKUCC1) - Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
        5. Email Service for Graduates
        6. Startup Guide for New Roundcube Webmail
        7. Roundcube Webmail User Guide
        8. SMTP Service for Roaming Email Users
      2. HKU Connect Mail
        1. HKU Connect Mail for Students
        2. HKU Connect Mail for Graduates
        3. Ways on Reducing Storage on Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail
      3. Spam Quarantine
      4. Email Archive Service - Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
      5. Set & Unset Email Forwarding
    5. Instant Messaging
    6. ITS Related Mobile Application
      1. User Guide on Using HKU uPrint App
      2. User Guide on Attendance@HKU App (for Administrators)
      3. User Guide on Attendance@HKU App (for Attendees)
    7. Video Conferencing
      1. User Guide on Zoom
      2. User Guide on MS Teams
    8. Multi-media Streaming
    9. Use of Information Rights Management for Email and File Protection
    10. HKU Convene Paperless Meeting
      1. HKU Convene Paperless Meeting - Meeting organizer guide
      2. HKU Convene Paperless Meeting - Meeting App user guide
  4. Information Security
    1. User Guide on Installation of 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) for HKU 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Staff
  5. Information Systems
    1. Web Site Support
      1. Procedures for Connecting to a Host Computer Securely using the SSH command
      2. User Guide on Setting up Your Personal Homepage
    2. Event Management System (HKUEMS)
    3. HKU Portal
    4. HKU App
    5. HKU Event Calendar
  6. Network Services
    1. WiFi
    2. LAN
    3. User Guide on Making HKUVPN Connection with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    4. User Guide on Installation of 2FA Mobile App (FortiToken) for HKU 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Staff
  7. Personal Device Support
    1. Software
      1. Installation of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control (formerly Sophos Anti-virus)
      2. Installation of Sophos Anti-Virus (Version 9) for MAC OSX 10.9
      3. Procedures to Activate Microsoft Azure for Students
    2. Virtual PCs (VPC)
      1. Check IP address
      2. User guide on VPC setup
      3. User guide on data migration from desktop PC to VPC
      4. Basics of using WinMerge in platform VPC
      5. Basics of using VeraCrypt in platform Windows OS
      6. Remote VPC Access User Guide
      7. VPC Inventory System User Guide
  8. Service Desk Services
    1. User guide on Self-help Reporting System for IT Services
    2. User guide on ServiceNow Mobile App
  9. Teaching & Learning
    1. eLearning Services
    2. Learning Commons
      1. uPrint
    3. Using Multiple Choice Scoring System with the OpScan5 Optical Mark Reader
  10. Telephony
    1. IP Phone Systems
      1. User Guide on International Voice/Video Call Service via
      2. User Guide on Simultaneous Ring