Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate is a global program offered by Amazon which aims to provide no-cost online Cloud-related education to accelerate Cloud learning and prepare Cloud-enabled jobs for tomorrow. In the current digital era, technology and information systems have occupied an important role in every business. Meanwhile, learning more about the hottest topic – Cloud, could help students stand out among the peers.

Key Features and Benefits for Students

• No-cost, self-learning platform with 23+ different Cloud-related courses, such as Cloud Computing 101, Machine Learning, Data Integration, IoT, etc., to learn in your own pace.
• 12+ Career pathway courses, such as Data Scientist, Solutions Architect, Application Developer, etc., which are some hot career options, with hours of training courses, to build the essential career skills and knowledge.
• 11+ Badges courses, such as Alexa, RoboMaker Series, Gaming, etc., to expand Cloud skillset in 10+ hours for the industry’s fastest growing interest areas.
• For non-technical students, there are fundamental Cloud-related courses, such as Cloud Computing 101, to touch and explore Cloud-related basic knowledge.
• After completing the course, you will receive AWS Educate certificates and online badges to strengthen your profile and increase your competitiveness.
• A Job Board for receiving hiring information from renowned technology and Cloud-related companies.

Registration Procedure

Students can register for using the AWS Educate Program.  The account registration procedure can be found here.



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts