FAQ of Server Compliance

Each networked server is required to install an agent software to carry out compliance assessment and detect security vulnerability on the server. Its cost is HK$200 for each physical CPU core. Departments are not required to pay for maintenance cost.

License cost for existing servers registered on/before 31 May 2014 will be waived. Thus, new networked server registered after 31 May 2014 is required pay for the agent license.

ITS cloud server comes with the Server Compliance agent software license. ITS will provide server owner with the agent software. The installation of agent software has to be performed by server owner as server password is needed to do it.

Department do not have to pay if the number of physical CPU core is the same for both old and new servers. If there are more physical CPU cores for the new server, department will have to pay for agent license cost for new physical CPU cores.

Each physical CPU core requires one server compliance agent license. Its cost is HK$200 for each physical CPU core.

Currently, Server Compliance agent software is not available for MAC server.

Currently, Server Compliance agent software is not available for Windows 8 servers.

ITS cloud server owners are required to register for the Server Compliance Project and install the agent license for their servers. The agent license cost is covered by the ITS Server Cloud charge.

ITS web server cloud is registered under the Server Compliance Project automatically. ITS will install the agent license software on the web server cloud. No action is required from the web site owners.  

Compliance reports will be generated quarterly by the Compliance Management System for departments to carry out remedial actions where necessary. 

The impact to system performance is minimal and is typically below 2% of CPU utilization.

You cannot uninstall the Server Compliance agent. The program has to reside on the server to keep track of the compliance status until the server is retired.



Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts