FAQs on IT Use

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 Below are the most frequently asked questions we received in March 2022.  Please take a look in case you may come across any of them later.


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Microsoft Office 365

Click the “Sign in” button at the top right in MS Word and login with <UID>@hku.hk (for staff) or <UID>@connect.hku.hk (for students) and Portal PIN.

Please go to Office Portal and sign in with <UID>@hku.hk (for staff)/<UID>@connect.hku.hk (for students) and Portal PIN to download the installer.

For staff who can’t find the installer after login please go to here to request for an Microsoft 365 license first


Staff: Go to this link > Login with your HKU Portal UID and PIN > Fill in your preferred Sender Name and Email Address (if you have set up an email alias) to display and HKU Portal PIN > click Submit.

Students: please refer to https://support.google.com/mail/answer/8158?hl=en

PDF Editor

The subscription of PDF X-Change Pro expired in March 2022. Staff and students can use a new PDF editor “Foxit PDF editor” (installation steps).  


Please complete the online form “Reset 2FA App” here (to be done within HKU campus network).

If you cannot connect using HKU campus network, please remove the 2FA registration here and complete the registration again by clicking here. You will receive a new QR code to activate the 2FA FortiToken app after successful reset or registration. 

To update your alternate email address, please click here. It takes 60 minutes to become effective. 

Login to HKU Portal > type 2FA in the Search field > click the link “Register to use 2FA” > fill in your alternate email address for receiving the one-time token code for connecting to HKUVPN.

Virtual PC


The VPC server has been updated and please go to https://go.vpc.hku.hk/ to connect your VPC. No VPN connection is required.