New Recommendations for Fixed Public IP users: Enhancing Network Security and Efficiency

fixed public IP

In an effort to improve network security and promote efficient use of resources, ITS has released new recommendations for current Public IP users. These guidelines aim to streamline connectivity for servers and devices that require internet access while maintaining a secure network environment.

As a further step to follow up, it is reminded to handle the current fixed public IP addresses as follows:

For servers or other devices need Internet access

Submit the network services which require inbound traffic to be accessed from the internet

This will help ensure that only necessary services are exposed to the public network, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential cyberattacks.
For servers don’t need Internet access

Apply for private fixed IP by filling out CF59 form

CF59 – Application for Fixed IP Address                       

This will further enhance network security by isolating servers that do not need external connectivity.
For PC

Register MAC address and set to obtain IP address automatically

Network Cards Registration

This process simplifies network management and reduces the likelihood of IP address conflicts, ensuring smoother and more reliable connectivity for all users.

These recommendations come at a time when network security is more critical than ever, with cyber threats and attacks on the rise. By adhering to these guidelines, Public IP users can contribute to a safer and more efficient network environment for everyone.

ITS encourages all current Public IP users to review and implement these recommendations as soon as possible. For any questions or concerns,  please feel free to contact the undersigned.