Advice on UID and PIN

Taking care of your UID and PIN

Every HKU Portal UID is unique and PIN is required for accessing the central IT services that require authentication. Please remember to keep it safe. Some security tips are given below:

  • KEEP YOUR PIN/passwords CONFIDENTIAL as you will be held responsible for all transactions using your UID and PIN/passwords.
  • Change your PIN/passwords regularly.
  • Use a PIN/password of 10-18 characters long and include combinations of letters (upper and lower case) and digits.
  • Avoid using easily guessed PIN/passwords such as names of places, a word from a dictionary, nickname, date of birth, phone numbers, car plate numbers, any string of digits, a person’s name, drama/film character, brand of products, simple patterns of letters on keyboard, e.g. ‘qwert’ or a string of all the same letter.
  • Choose a PIN/password that is easy to remember and type so that others will not be able to look over your shoulder to know your PIN/passwords while you are typing.
  • To devise a good PIN/password, think of a clause or a phrase. Choose the first character of the words in the clauses or phrase. For example, ‘happy birthday to you 2 Winnie the Pool and Tigger’ makes up the PIN/password ‘hbty2WtPaT’.
  • Do not run any programs from an unknown source which may contain keystroke trapping programs.