Regulations Governing the Use of Central IT Services

  1. Central IT services in the Information Technology Services (ITS) are provided to all members of the University on the strict understanding that they are to be used solely for the purposes of the University. 
  2. Use of the services provided by ITS shall be subject to such terms and conditions as the IT Committee and Head of IT may specify from time to time. 
  3. Access to the central IT facilities and PC laboratories shall be conditional upon the allocation of a user code, application for which should be made to Head of IT on the prescribed forms. 
  4. Use of any other facilities provided by ITS is subject to whatever regulations are in force at the time. 
  5. Head of IT may temporarily exclude from any or all of the services of ITS any person who acts in any way which may interfere with the convenience of other users or with the work of ITS. 
  6. In the case of a first offence, such exclusion shall be reported by Head of IT to the appropriate Dean and Head of Department, and the offender’s user privileges shall not be reinstated without the written permission of the Dean and Department Head concerned. 
  7. Users shall be responsible for replacement at cost of loss or damage to any media or documentation on loan from ITS. 
  8. Users shall be responsible for the care and use of ITS’ equipment and may be liable for the cost of repair of any damage of the equipment caused by negligence or failure to adhere to the proper operating procedures on their part. 
  9. Users shall take all reasonable steps to avoid wastage of the IT resources provided, and Head of IT reserves the right to levy charges on wasteful use of resources. 
  10. Users shall not copy in any form the software provided, without the specific approval of Head of IT.  Most of the software products are proprietary and are protected by copyright.  Care should be taken to prevent overwriting or damaging of the software provided. Only those software products available from ITS will be supported by ITS.  Users are warned also in these regulations that they are fully responsible for all licensing requirements for software products that they may have brought along themselves to use. 
  11. Head of IT shall report all cases of misuse or abuse of the central IT services to the IT Committee. 
  12. Repeated and serious offenders against these regulations shall be brought before the IT Committee which can recommend appropriate action by the University.