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SmartDraw is a software product developed by SmartDraw Software, LLC for capturing and presenting information as diagrams or charts (click here for the detailed functionalities). It provides more than 70 different types of diagrams and thousands of templates. Users can import/export diagrams/templates in Microsoft Visio format. It integrates easily with those commonly used tools such as exporting the diagram directly to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
SmartDraw has two versions: 1) Cloud edition; 2) a downloadable edition for Windows desktop (Windows 10/8). The Cloud and desktop versions are completely integrated and users can store, share, and edit files online and move seamlessly between the two versions.


A campus license on SmartDraw is available for use by staff and students holding an active HKU Portal account.  University staff can use this software for work-related purpose while students are eligible to use it for their work related to University studies. They are required to uninstall the software from their personal machines when they leave or graduate from HKU.

Desktop and Cloud Versions

Comparison between SmartDraw Cloud and Desktop Versions

 Desktop editionCloud edition


CAD & Drafting
Cause & Effect
Charts & Graphs
Decision Trees
Emergency & Evacuation
Floor Plans – Commercial
Floor Plans – Residential
Create Sub-Process in “one-click”

Create Sub-Process manually
Other Flowchart Template:
Value Stream Mapping

View Options and Quick Action
Buttons for Adding Electronic Flow Lines
Flyers & Certificates
Gantt Charts & Project Mgt
Access to Timeline and Assignment Views
Landscape Design
Legal & Government
Mind Maps
Network Design
Org ChartsImport Excel to generate Org Chart with
additional options during import
Import Excel to generate Org Chart
Retail & Planograms
Schedules & Calendars
Science & Education
Software Design
Strategic Planning
Access to Automated Timelines and
Simple Timelines

Simple Timelines Only


Export to MS Office
Paste Special enables use to double-click
the image in MS Office resulting in the
original SmartDraw .sdr file opening
Export to PowerPoint
Automatic sequencing and Presentation Builder
Visio Import & Export
SmartDraw .sdr File Import
AutoCAD Import
Import DXF (Drawing eXchange Format)
SharePoint Integration
Trello Integration
Gantt Charts
3rd Party Integration: Google Drive,
Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box
Export diagram to PDF with Active Hyperlinks

Active Hyperlinks in the diagram
Google Translate Integration

Visualization of Data

Shape Data


Create Custom Symbols &
Custom Libraries

Advanced Customization Capabilities

Customize Name and Theme Color Only
Import Visio Stencil

Installation - Desktop Version

Activation – Cloud Version


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Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts