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Spam Email Reports

  • 2017/09/07 (Thursday) - Sorry we missed you

    Sender Domain: 

    Sorry we missed you!.

    The package authorized to DHL to leave/deliver could not be delivered to the address and location listed in shipping label below.
    You can attempt redelivery, track your package, or request to pickup your package at your nearest DHL branch.

    Printed copy of shipping label and a valid government issued identity card will be required for pickups.

    Delivery Details.

    Tracking Number:    1Z3689YXXXXXX

    Number of Packages:    1


    Package Weiglht:    23.2 LBS

    Scheduled Delivery:    09/06/2017

    Reference Number 1:    1087606



    Delivery Shipping Label (e-copy):1Z3689YXXXXXXX


  • 2017/09/05(Tuesday)-Google

    Sender Domain: 



    Google Inc. wishes to inform you that your e-mail account has been selected and therefore

    has made you one of our winners in the GOOGLE E-MAIL ONLINE SWEEPSTAKES PROMO.


    This comes as a result of your active use of our online and ancillary services.


    Kindly view the attached FILE for your Official Notification Letter and Claims Instructions.




    Google Sweepstakes Team

    Google UK.


    Note: Attachment file is malicious.



  • 2017/09/01(Friday)-Re: Payment copy

    Sender Domain: 
    Good day  
    Please find attached copy of payment done as per your invoice kindly confirm receipt of the attached remittance copy.  
    Kind Regards,  
    Stacey Marz  
    P.O. Box 2441, Cape Town,
    8000 Showroom & Office – 29 Basil Road,
    Plumstead, Cape Town, 7800 Tel: 021 7622227 Fax: 021- 7622231
    Note: The attachment file “Payment copy.zi p” is malicious. 
  • 2017/08/31 (Thursday) - Please Verify Account:xxxx@xxxx.hku.hk

    Sender Domain: 


    Dear xxx @xxxx .hku.hk,
    In regards to the ongoing maintainance. Some of your important messages were queued on our mail server. This is because you have exceeded your mail storage limit.

    Please Click here to upgrade your data usage and view your pending emails.
    Kindly follow the above instruction to avoid technical issues on our server and avoid deactivation of your email account.

    Thank you.
    --Account Support Team

  • 2017/08/29 (Tuesday) - Invoice

    Sender Domain: 

    Good Day, Attached is a Estimate/invoice Reply back With Any Charges or the Okay Proceed. Thanks, SCALE & SIGN CENTER 194 Sandy Court Danville,Va Fax 435.753.0930 Note:

    The attachment file “invoice.zip” is malicious.

  • 2017/08/25 (Friday) - HKU Alert: E-mail Account Verification

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students;
    Your HKU Outlook Account Password will expire in 5 days, please click HERE to update your account immediately.
    This message is from HKU Technology Services Center. Please follow instruction on this message and your account will be updated within 24hours. We sincerely apologize for this unusual problem.
    Help Desk and Compliance Officer.
    Mail Administration | IT Solutions.

    Copyright © 2017 The University of Hong Kong. All Rights Reserved.  

  • 2017/08/24(Thursday)-HKU Alert: E-mail Account Verification

    Sender Domain: 
    Request Confirmation: 65189W5G64H2
    Date: 08/23/2017
    We hereby inform you that HKU has queued all email addresses in her database for validation. The reason for this is to sort out all inactive emails from the database and suspend access to them or deactivate them. Therefore, if you know that your email address is still active, please click here and login for your e-mail account to be marked as active. Subsequent information will be passed on to you after successful logon.
    Remember, we shall pass this message around a few times and afterwards suspend access to email addresses which are not verified and will terminate this service to quarantine this activity.
    Help Desk and Compliance Officer.
    Mail Administration | IT Solutions.
    Copyright © 2017 The University of Hong Kong. All Rights Reserved.  


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