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Spam Email Reports

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  • 2018/04/20 (Friday) - Google

    Sender Domain: 


    Congradtulations!!! Kindly view the attached PD File for your Offical Notification Letter and Claims Instructions.

    The Google Team.

    Note: Attachmnet file GOOGLE HEADQUARTERS NOTIFICATION LETTER).pdf is suspecious.

  • 2018/04/17 (Tuesday) - Service Removal Requested(15 Apr 2018) has initiated Final Warning

    Sender Domain: 

    Hi xxx,
    xxx @hku.hk removal from hku.hk  has been approved and initiated,
    Due to ignorance of last verification warning.

    Removal will occur in exactly 48 hours (17 Apr 2018)  from now(15 Apr 2018)

    We recommend that you do any of the below immediately and protect your mailbox  
    © 2018 hku.hk
    >>>>>>>>>> Please do not reply this message. <<<<<<<<<<

  • 2018/04/14 (Saturday) - Re: RE

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Google User,
    We congratulate you for being selected as a winner on our ongoing promotion, you were selected  due to your active use of our online services, find and read the attached letter for more information about your winning.
    Larry Page,
    CEO / CO-Founder

  • 2018/4/13 (Friday) - Prchase Invoice

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Sir,

    Please check the attachment for the amended purchase invoice

    kindly confirm that the stated prices are correct.

    Get back to us with your confirmation and your profoma for payment arrangement.

    Best Regards,

    Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

    XXX Isabella xxx
    New Jersey. 07XXX. USA.
    +12 730XXXX4

  • 2018/4/11 (Wednesday) - Purchase Order PO-180411

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Sir,

    Just wondering if the attached quotation is still valid?
    Your prompt reply is highly appreciated to enable us proceed with P.O.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    Ibrahim Sharma.
    Purchase officer

    Note: Attachment file “PO#180411.iso” detect having virus.

  • 2018/03/29 (Thursday) - Enable your 2nd step security

    Sender Domain: 
    "xxx@xxxxx.hku.hk" Account 30 Mar 2018 ,
    Dear enquiry,
    Your email account is due for update.
    This is a security exercise to help us identify and delete all dormant accounts on our server.
    ***WARNING: Please note that if you fail to validate your account on our server, Your ID will be flagged as ***Dormant*** and may be short down without further notice.
    Enable your Security now
    Note: This upgrade is required immediately after receiving this message
    Thank you
    xxxx.hku.hk Team  2018


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