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  • 2017/05/16 (Tuesday) - ⚠️Secure Your E-mail Account⚠️

    Sender Domain: 


    We received your instruction to empty all your Inbox and Sent Folders
    You need to confirm you made this request or we will continue with the request
    If you think it is an error, take action immediately to stop this process.

                                                                                                                                                      STOP ACTION NOW

    Thank You,
    Microsoft Account Team

  • 2017/05/16 (Tuesday) - MICROSOFT VERIFICATION UPDATE

    Sender Domain: 


    Dear customer,
    Please read and follow the instruction to protect your Microsoft Privacy, As part of our effort to improve your experience across our consumer services, we're updating the Microsoft Services Agreement and the Microsoft Privacy Statement. We want to take this opportunity to notify you about these updates. CLICK HERE for updates and verification, failure to do this your E-Mail account will be suspended.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you.

    Microsoft respects your privacy.

    Admin Department
    ©3M 1995-2017. All rights reserved.

  • 2017/05/15 (Monday) - Payment failed

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Customer

    The payment for your latest ?bill has failed. The payment processor has detected invalid billing information associated with your account. Your service is now scheduled for automatic disconnection on *25?May, 2017*.
    Why did I receive this error?
    This usually happens for several reasons:
    - Some of your information has expired.
    - you may have changed some of your billing information recently, such as street address, phone number, account number, etc.
    How can I avoid service interruption?
    To avoid service interruption make sure your billing information is up to date. Failure to take part in this process before the due date will result in service disconnection without further notice.
    Where can I update my billing information?
    To update your billing information just visit the profile update link below:

    Once you have completed the profile update process your bill will be processed instantly. No further action is required.

  • 2017/05/05 (Friday) - Remittance Advice

    Sender Domain: 


    Good Morning Sir


    We transferred the balance payment to your account as instructed by your customer but payment was returned back to our account. Please explain to us why your bank details is different from the one we received earlier and kindly check the attached bank form and advise the right bank details to transfer payment.

    We will hold on to payments until we receive the correct bank details for remittance,

    Verify and get back to us with correct banking coordinates.

    Waiting for your response



    Catherine Perez

    SBM Offshore N.V.

    Karel Doormanweg 66

    Schiedam, South Holland 3115


  • 2017/04/30 (Sunday) - Newsletter Chopard - Votre abonnement

    Sender Domain: 
    Votre inscription à notre newsletter a bien été prise en compte.
                                                                         CORDIALEMENT, CHOPARD                                                              
  • 2017/04/29 (Saturday) - Une offre de stage vous est recommandée - stage4u.fr

    Sender Domain: 
    Votre ami(e) pense que l’offre de stage ci-dessous pourrait vous intéresser. 
    Stage (h/f) 
    Le stage : 
    URL: htt p://ww w.stage 4u.fr/deposer-une-offre/fiche-announce/.html
    Il/Elle vous laisse également le message suivant : 
    快来领28元注册金: ww w.555 0647.c om/? 1元起即送5.1元.水涨船高,越存越送,全网独家 0.3倍的流水就可以出款。
    position,was invulnerable;but with all her charity she could not believe in the religion of Captain Underwood.His rooms were very nice rooms in the best street in
    Bien cordialement,
    L’équipe Stage4u.fr
  • 2017/04/28 (Friday) - DHL eDelivery: DB0001169302/17AA (Final Notification)

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Customer,

    We attempted to deliver your item at 13:45PM on Thursday April 27, 2017. (Read enclosed file detail) The delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the shipping address, so this notify has been automatically sent. If the parcel is not scheduled for redelivery or picked up within 72 hours of working days, it will be returned to the sender.

    Label Number: DB0001169302/17AA

    Expected Delivery Date: April 27, 2017

    Class: Package Services

    Service(s): Delivery Confirmation Status: eNotification sent Read the enclosed file for details.

    Thank you,

    DHL Customer Service. 2017 © DHL UK International GmbH. All rights reserved. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, and is believed to be clean.

    Note: The attachment file “DHL_0011168302.pdf.jar” is malicious.

  • 2017/04/25 (Tuesday) - Notice to appear in Court #79314486678811

    Sender Domain: 

    Notice to appear in Court #79314486678811
    Notice to Appear,
    You have to appear in court on the 24th of April 2017 .
    Do not forget to bring all the documents related to this case, attached securly using dropbox are
    the Court Order and other documents pertaining this case.
    Dropbox Attachment-1(Court_Injunction_04_20_17.pdf) < https: / /w ww. dropbox.com/s / qn zqc1hwuwxgzu/Court_Order_20_04_2017.p d f ? d l= 1>
    Dropbox Attachment-2(Court_Order_Confirmation1.pdf) https: / / w ww.dropbox.com/s/ wc5aqtep kxz un/Court_Order_ Confirmation1.pdf ? dl = 1>
    Dropbox Attachment-3(Lawsuite_04_20_17.pdf) <https: / / w ww.dropbox.com/s / i jauswhmby dmz/Lawsuite_04_20_17.pdf ? dl = 1>
    PDF ID is: CASE26714486678811COURT
    Note: The case will be heard by the judge in your absence.
    Laura Daniels
    Court Clerk


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