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uPrint Driver Installation Guide for Windows 10

The following print client is available for use from August 2019 onwards.  Please install it for using the uPrint service on Windows.  The print client installed before August 2019 can be used until end of 2019.  Users are advised to install the following new print client to replace the old version as soon as possible.

1. Prerequisites

  1. PC or notebook running Windows 10.
  2. Holding administrator account for application and print queue installation.
  3. Connect "HKU" before printing.
    Note: "Wi-Fi.HK via HKU" or "eduroam" does NOT support uPrint service.

2. Installation Procedure for uPrint Printer Driver on Windows 10

  1. Download the “”. Search the file by clicking "Windows Start" window start button start and selecting "File Explorer". Double click the file and extract the file into the computer.
  2. Double click the icon “install.bat” in the extracted folder.
  3. If the following windows appears, click “More info” and then click “Run anyway” button.
    run anyway
  4. If the following Window is prompt to ask the approval for installing the driver, click “Yes” 

  5. A command prompt will be prompt automatically to install the driver (Note: It might take a while for installation and the window of part d will be prompted several times)
  6. When the following window is prompt, click “Yes”.

  7. The Print client is installed automatically.

3.​ Submit Print Job using uPrint

  1. After installation of AMDP Print Client, click "Windows Start" window start button start and selecting "AMDP Print Client".
  2. For the first time run the client, the Windows Security Alert is shown as follow. Click “Allow access” button
    allow access
  3. The login page is prompted as follows, enter the HKU Portal UID/PIN then click “Login” button.