Introducing Coursera Career Academy

The University is pleased to offer our students access to Coursera Career Academy, a service introduced by Coursera in partnership with world-class industry leaders like IBM, Google, and Meta. It gives you the key to in-demand journeys of learning curated by these renowned companies.

The service is now open to all students at a subsidized cost. In addition to unlimited access, there are many reasons for our HKU leaders-to-be to embark onto the journey of these Professional Certificate courses. To name a few,

  1. these courses provide hands-on learning with guided projects and real-world up-to-date case studies, which definitely helps students to stand out among others with increased employability;
  2. the courses could lead students to industry-recognized certifications issued by world-class industry leaders, which showcase expertise and knowledge demanded by a specific field; and
  3. students will be provided with abundant career development resources such as interview preparation and job search strategies to guide them through soaring with a successful career.

To learn more about the details of Coursera Career Academy, please visit here.

Guide to Students

To facilitate you to kick start exploring the journey at the Coursera Career Academy, the following might be helpful.

How to Apply for HKU-Coursera Career Academy?

To register for this valuable opportunity, please visit this registration page.

Upon successful payment, the access right will be ready at 12:00 noon on the next working day. If the access right is not yet ready, the following pop-up screen will show.


How to Access HKU-Coursera Career Academy?

  1. Go to the Login page. Click “Join” on the top right corner.
Go to the Login page. Click “Join” on the top right corner
  1. Click “Log in with The University of Hong Kong”, and log in with your HKU Portal account.
Click “Log in with The University of Hong Kong”, and log in with your HKU Portal account

What to Explore at HKU-Coursera Career Academy?

Simply scroll down the page and explore any titles that interests you for learning details. Enjoy and prepare for a better career future!



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February 2024
February 2024

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May 2024
May 2024

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