Procedure on setting up uPrint on Windows 10

1. Prerequisites

  1. Notebook PCs running Windows 10
  2. Connect to WiFi using SSID “HKU” (Note: “Wi-Fi.HK via HKU” or “eduroam” does NOT support uPrint service.)

2. Installation of uPrint Printer Driver

  1. Download the printer driver –  After download, click the “Windows Start” button uprint_win10_01 and select “File Explorer” to look up the downloaded zip file. Double click the file and extract it into your computer.
  2. Double click the icon “install.bat” under the extracted folder.
  3. If the following window pops up, click “More info” and “Run anyway”.
  4. uprint_win10_02
  5.  If the following window pops up asking for approval for driver installation, click “Yes”.
  6. uprint_win10_03
  7. A command prompt will be shown while the driver is being installed. (Note: It may take a while for the installation to complete and the window mentioned in point d will be prompted several times.)
  8. uprint_win10_04
  9. If the following window pops up, click “Yes”.
  10. uprint_win10_06
  11. The printer driver will be installed and configured automatically.
  12. uprint_win10_07

3.​ Print Job Submission

  1. After the printer driver is installed, click the “Windows Start” button
  2. uprint_win10_01 and select “AMDP Print Client”.
  3. The following “Windows Security Alert” will be shown the first time the driver is run.  Click the “Allow access” button.
  4. uprint_win10_08
  5. Enter your HKU Portal UID and PIN and click “Login”.
  6. uprint_win10_09
  7. Submit your print job by selecting the appropriate print queue.
    Print queues Printing type
    uPrint BW PCL Black and White Printing
    uPrint BW PS Black and White Printing
    uPrint Color PCL Color Printing
    uPrint Color PS Color Printing


Multi-Factor Authentication

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May 2024

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