Introducing Three New Features on Moodle

Introducing Three New Features on Moodle

We are excited to introduce to you the following features which are available now to add to your Moodle courses. They could be helpful for your daily use, and you shall give them a try and explore their possibilities.

Note 1: Students can see the blocks of these new features only when they are enabled and added by their course teachers.

Note 2: Moodle PowerBI is only available to staff members.

Moodle Microsoft Teams

Moodle Teams Integration is a feature that allows you to activate a Moodle course team site and access it from your Moodle course. The Moodle course team site lets users add conversations, class materials, and other resources for students and teachers. The Moodle course SharePoint folder allows uploading and viewing files that are helpful for the course. This integration definitely adds interaction among students and teachers to facilitate better learning and communication. in Moodle

AI chatbot – is now provided in Moodle for staff members and students. will respond when the questions were asked and requests were made in a simple text box created in the Moodle course by teachers. Both staff members and students can easily find the answers in the Moodle course page from in Moodle. The tool can help staff members and students to solve their problems and improve students’ learning experience.

Moodle PowerBI

Moodle PowerBI could be a helpful tool for teachers and administrators to obtain learning data for learning analytics of respective courses. The data could inform better learning and teaching by examining and responding to online learner behaviors implied by the data. The tool could thus help teachers to recognize and solve any problems students may face, and offer prompt support and appropriate instructional design which matches learner’s needs.

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