IT Services Consultative Advisory Meeting

(Advisory Body established by the Information Technology Services)

Functions and Purpose

  1. To solicit user inputs for Information Technology Services related to the needs of the University community with respect to information technology development and support for teaching, learning and research as well as the provision and implementation of information technology facilities and services of the University.
  2. To coordinate advisory inputs for the Information Technology Services relating to the University-wide IT long-term development direction, strategy and resource requirements in alignment with the University’s mission and development strategy.
  3. To coordinate with Faculties, Departments and Student Associations for effective, legitimate and safe use of the University-wide information infrastructure systems and facilities and to promote their awareness on the compliance requirements related to relevant laws and policies.


  1. The Chairman (a University staff member, preferably also a Senate member, invited by the Information Technology Services).
  2. Up to 10 staff members nominated by Faculties and Departments through existing communication channels between Departments and the Information Technology Services.
  3. One undergraduate student nominated by the Students’ Union Council.
  4. One postgraduate student nominated by the Executive Committee of the Postgraduate Student Association.
  5. The Director of Information Technology Services or his/ her representative.