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Catchbox in the Classroom:- “A fun way to elicit more engagement from your class, a throwable, kickable and catchable cuddly cube with an inbuilt microphone” (Professor Quentin Parker, Department of Physics)

Since we announced the arrival of Catchbox, the world’s first throwable microphone, a number of brave innovators have been using Catchbox in their classrooms to promote more student engagement.

Professor Rick Glofcheski, Faculty of Law and Professor Quentin Parker, Department of Physics have both used catchbox a number of times over this semester.

Catchbox in the Flipped Classroom

Professor Glofcheski has been using catchbox in his very large “flipped classroom” sessions with approximately 240 Law students in the Loke Yew Hall where it takes time for someone to run around the room with a microphone to get feedback from student groups.   He says, “The catch box can definitely contribute to “active learning”, the box is a nice design and I have developed to the point where I can hit a moving target right across Loke Yew Hall!”  Rick also tells us that he is “not sure what it says about the pedagogy, but it has proved to be an “ice melter” once the students warmed to it

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Catchbox in the Common Core

Professor Parker has been using catchbox during his common core teaching sessions. He tells us that “student engagement can be a difficult process and it was certainly clear that this fun prop provides an additional mechanism to achieve that”, he goes on to tell us that “much mirth and enjoyment was had as the catchbox was tossed around, caught and spoken into by normally shy students”   

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