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Lecture Capture Services (LCS)


Lecture Capture Services (LCS) is supported by Panopto system. It is the centrally managed video capture solution adopted by HKU.

Panopto supports recording from iOS and Android devices, or audio and video input from Windows/Macintosh laptop synchronized with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and desktop screen. Some classrooms and lecture theatres are equipped with ceiling cameras and built-in web-cam of a classroom PC for recording a pancast (i.e. a video recording produced by Panopto).

The recorded pancasts can be edited through a browser, shared with other users for viewing or comments, and output to other video formats e.g. MP4 or Podcast.  

Staff who are using Moodle can use Panopto easily, and all Moodle courses are easily linked with pancasts for viewing by students. The Panopto recorder software is pre-installed in classroom PCs and can be downloaded from http://lecturecapture.hku.hk.

The pancasts will be cleaned up in summer of a year (usually in July) together with the Moodle courses and will be kept for a maximum of 2 years. 

Students can record their presentations, share the presentation recordings with others and invite their teachers to review and give comments.  They can apply for a Panopto student account via CF159 and install Panopto recorder software on their PC, laptop or iOS device to record their pancasts.

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