Re Purchase Order PO-1254


Dear XXX,


I am sending you the draft of our purchase contract and its annexes for you to review it.

Please find attached:


The draft of the contract:

  • It is the standard contract that we use for each supplier.
  • On the first page: please check your company details (especially if the company name and address is correct, it should be the same that will be written on the invoices), and also let me know name and position of your company´s representative, who will sign the contract (statutory body)
  • Payment conditions: I wrote there the conditions the payment(confirm if suitable).


Annex 1 – quality evaluation system – attached

Annex 2 – preorder template – attached

Annex 3 – description of the goods – attached
Annex 4 – packaging manual – attached


I also attached   Code of Conduct for Dedoles suppliers.


Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to ask if you will have any questions.


Once you confirm the contract, we will sign it and send it to you for signature.


Thank you and regards,


Ing. Martina Lopuchovská

Product sourcing specialist

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w: www. dedoles. sk

e:martina.lopuchovska @dedoles .sk


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