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2019/12/02 (Monday) - Autopay payment is not successful

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Dear Valued Customer,

Your latest bill is now ready.

Summary of the Bill

Issue Date: 29 Nov 2019
Bill No : 110225830987
Bill Type: 62
Bill Amount: $96.00
( To avoid suspension of service, please settle the above amount before 29 Nov 2019 )

Your monthly bill service has been issued. We have proceeded autopay payment according to your credit card information.

However, such autopay payment is not successful.

To settle your payment with ease, please ensure that your credit card is able or autopay payment.

You may re-register your credit card autopay details via below

To be settled by Credit Card Here :

You can click HERE for bill details and click HERE for a Chinese translation.
你可 按此 檢視賬單詳情或 按此 參考中文譯本。

“My HKT” app has been launched. From now on, you can manage your NETVIGATOR, now TV, eye or residential fixed line service & mobile accounts, check bills and service details anytime anywhere via Internet platform and iOS or Android version Smartphone. Please download it now at “App Store” or “Google Play”.
「My HKT」app 現已強勢登陸!從此,您除可透過網上平台,亦可隨時隨地透過 iOS 或 Android 智能手機,管理您於網上行、now TV、 eye 或家居固網電話服務及流動通訊服務的賬單同服務詳情,請立即前往「App Store」或者「Google Play」下載。

親 愛 的 客 戶:
網 上 行 - 信 用 卡 自 動 轉 賬 繳 費 拒 納 通 知
閣 下 之 網 上 行 本 月 賬 單 經 已 發 出,本 公 司 曾 嘗 試 根 據 閣 下 已 登 記 的 信 用 卡 資 料 進 行 自動 轉 賬 交 易,但 未 能 成 功 進 行 該 交 易。為 免 影 響 閣 下 網 上 行 服 務,請 即 以 現 金 繳 付 上 述 之款 項。

繳 費 方 法:

互 聯 網:登 入 点击这里 ,進 入「我 的 電 子 賬 單」
電 話:致 電 網 上 行 個 人 客 戶 服 務 綜 合 熱 線 1000 。

如 對 是 次 繳 費 拒 納 有 任 何 疑 問,請 向 有 關 銀 行 查 詢。
多 謝 選 用 網 上 行 服 務。

網 上 行 客 戶 服 務 部 謹 啟

For any inquiries, please call our Consumer Service Hotline 1000.

NETVIGATOR Customer Service
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited

This email is confidential and may contain personal data of other individuals. If you are not the intended recipient, please note that any use or disclosure of this email is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please send to our Consumer Service Email Address immediately. Thank you.


ATTENTION: above email contains malicious weblink which is trying to steal your credit card information. PLESASE DON’T CLICK or REPONSE ON IT!!