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  • Mar 01, 2013 - Account Maintenance Service

    Sender Domain: 


    Attention:  Hku.hk Account  user,

    We are currently engaged in account maintenance service.
    As a subscriber, you are required to confirm your continued membership.
    Failure to confirm your continued membership will lead to service suspension.

    *Click here to Login and confirm in one simple step

    This is to improve our service quality. We are sorry for inconveniences

    NOTE: You are required to update your account within 24-hour


    Customer Care

    Case number: 8941624
    Property: Account Security

    Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved.

  • Feb 26, 2013 - Warning!!

    Sender Domain: 

    HKU Webmail Service


    Your session has been terminated at 2013-2-25 due to inactivity.


    Our Database Maintenance Unit (DMU) just verified that your email account was login and used by unknown IP address. You are instructed to click the link below for proper verification and Upgrade within 24hours with the new Webmail account to avoid Virus and slowing down of network.


    Last login of your email: 2-24-2013

    Unknown IP Used:  Port: 8080


    To reset and change your password account, please click on the New HKU  Admin Link below for confirmation and to change your password. 


    https:  //docs.google.com/forms/d/1mrypkIr3d6a6-GVkQbXXRQpvsdzUfBdQg-6jlq4fRDU/viewform



    webmail HKU 

  • Feb 25, 2013 - You have exceeded the email quota limit

    Sender Domain: 
    @hust.edu.cn; @leonschools.net

    You have exceeded the email quota limit of 450MB and you need to expand
    the e-mail quota before the next 48 hours.if you do not update your e-mail
    account in 2013, you must do it now. You can expand
    1GB email quota limit, use the following web link:



    Admin: Thanks for your understanding.
    Copyright c 2013 Webmaster Central Helpdesk

  • Feb 22, 2012 - This Mail is from Administrator help desk

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear: University of Hong Kong Email Account users,


    This Mail is from Administrator help desk; we wish to bring to your notice the Condition of your email account Your Mail Box has exceeded its Quota/Limit allocated to you by your Mail Administrator portal, you are presently running on 5GB, you May not be able to receive Or send new Mails until you Re-Validate/increase your Mail Quota to the new 25GB Mail Quota.


    Simply Click the new email 25GB Mail Quota. update link below.


    http://tinyurl.com /a8njm9w


    NOTE: If unable to click the link, you are advised to copy and paste it in a new browser to increase your Mail Quota to our new 25GB Mail Quota. This is free and you do not need to Pay for this. Your account will remain active after you have successfully Increase your Mail Quota.


    Mail System Administrator

    (c) 2013 E-mail Account Upgrade.

  • Feb 06, 2013 - Important Technical Web Notice!

    Sender Domain: 

    Important Technical Web Notice!


    Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by the administrator. You may not be able to send or receive new messages until the mailbox size is reduced. For more space, please CLICK HERE to upgrade your web mail account.


    The new secure feature upgrades your inbox to a clean, modern look while maintaining your contacts, passwords, aliases and more. It's fast. It's intuitive. It's email at its best.


    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Information and Technology DESK



    This e-mail was sent by using automated process.Please, do not reply to this e-mail as it cannot accept replies.



  • Feb 06, 2013 - System Helpdesk

    Sender Domain: 

    You have reached the storage limit of your mailbox.


    Please visit the below link to restore your email access.


    http://w ww.communitycanpro gram.com/cans/forms/form1.html


    System Helpdesk

  • JAN 25, 2013 - Email Box Security Alert...

    Sender Domain: 

    hku User


    This is to notify you that an unauthorized IP address 845.173.12.1 has been detected by our web admin login into your Email box.  You are requested to verify and upgrade your Email account manually for our new online security service by login into your Email account with the below link. You need to verify your Email User name and Password to secure your mailbox.



    http://  mailbox.the-webma il.com


    Thank you

    hku.ku admin

  • JAN 24, 2013 - Validate Your Mailbox

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Account User,

    Your mailbox has exceeded the limit of 30 GB, which is as set by your manager, you are currently at 30.9GB, very soon you will not be able to create new e-mail to send or receive again until you validate your mailbox. To re-validate your mailbox, click on the link below and follow the instruction for your upgrade.

    Click   Here  To Upgrade


    Email Administrator.

    © 2013. All Rights Reserved.


  • Jan 18, 2013 - FW: Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit of 2.GB

    Sender Domain: 

    Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit of 2.GB Set the administrator is currently 2.30GB, can not send or receive new messages until you re-validate your e-mail


    Click the link below to validate your e-mail


    https://   docs.google.com/spreadshe et/viewform?formkey=dENlSWsyQ29EMEV ZVGppR2RQNlFjY0E6MQ


    thank you

    system administrator

  • Jan 16, 2013 - No Title

    Your mailbox is almost full  CLICK ACCOUNT  Update it now,by click the account Your account will remain active after you have successfully Increase your Mail Quota.
    Help Desk Administrator.


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