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  • 2019/09/27 (Friday) - Your account is long over due!

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    First Reminder!


    A review of our records indicates that your account is long over due. The attached invoice is now due for the past 10 days.


    If payment has been made, could you specifically inform us when this was done so we could update our records.


    If you have any query regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Kind regards.



    Note: Attachment file “invoice.img" detected with virus.

  • 2019/09/26 (Thursday) - Mail

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    @opastopenaccess.com> < @trofeosmartinez.com>


    I have sent the policy wording in DOC format.

    Kindly assist, please.

    Many thanks,

    Advances in Nutrition & Food Science
    meditor.anfs@ opastopenaccess.com

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    The following viruses were not found.

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  • 2019/09/26 (Thursday) - 尊敬的用户,

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    您的邮箱已超出常规的100 MB存储限制,在您增加邮箱配额之前,您将无法接收或发送电子邮件。 要增加您的邮件配额,请单击下面的链接并填写所需的详细信息以增加您的邮箱配额。

    https:// 6466645.000webhostapp.com/  

    单击此处: https:// 6466645.000webhostapp.com/  



  • 2019/09/25 (Wednesday) - new purchase order

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    Good Day,

    Attached please find our new purchase order list, please proceed it A.S.A.P.

    Please send us proforma invoice for made payment and please inform us when the goods will be ready.


    Sales/Purchase Coordinator

  • 2019/09/25 (Wednesday) - New Order

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear sir,

    kindly give your best offer for the attached list of products and price

    Quotes by issuing us your best price list and Proforma Invoice accordingly.

    Your early reply is highly appreciated.

    No.8 Yingbin Avenue
    Xinxing District
    Donggang, Liaoning
    118300 China


    Noted: The attached file “New Order.pdf.z” is detected with virus.

  • 2019/09/25 (Wednesday) - payment

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    Hi Please find attached remittance advice for our recent payment to you If you have questions on this please contact me for more information. Many thanks

     Note: The attached file " Payment.doc" is detected with virus

  • 2019/09/24 (Tuesday) - Re: [Final Call] Global Health and Development Leadership Summer Camp (28 – 31 July 2019)

    Sender Domain: 
    @tikona.co.in & @oraconsulting.ie

    Dear School of Public Health

    Confirming the setup is complete now.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Many thanks,

    Clxxa Lxxn <lixxx jc @ hx x.hk>
    Sent from my LG Mobil

    Antivirus filter report:
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    The following viruses were not found.

    School of Public Health wrote:
    Message from School of Public Health

    <ht tps:/ / sp h.hku. hk/en/prospective -student/under graduate-education/summer-programme-for-secondary-students/ghdcamp2019/overview>

    Designed for secondary 5 (or equivalent) students, this 4-day/3-night summer camp will revolve around a table-top exercise of a major infectious disease outbreak. Campers will get exposed to real-world global health and development (GHD) issues that arose when countries face emergencies and learn about leadership and decision-making in GHD crises. Through multiple simulation workshops, campers will be able to see that outbreaks are not just infections and patients but a complex group of many concerns and perspectives, and be tasked to apply their leadership, diplomacy, negotiation, critical thinking and analytical skills in various disaster response scenarios.

    A prominent line-up of international and local experts in GHD will serve as coaches and mentors for the camp and there will be ample opportunities for campers to interact with this distinguished panel. The camp will close with a high table dinner in the final evening of the programme.


    28 – 31 July 2019 (4-day/3-night)


    HKU Sassoon Road Campus & Main Campus

    Target Participants:

    Current S5 or equivalent students

    Programme Fee:



    - 5% HKU Alumni/Staff Discount: applicable for applicants whose parents/siblings is/are alumni/staff of HKU


    sph.hku.hk/ghdcamp2019 <h ttps:/ /sph .hku.hk/en/prospective-student/undergraduate-education/summer-programme-for-secondary-students/ghdcamp2019/overview>

    Online Application:

    Apply Now <htt ps:/ /aal .hku.hk/summerinstitute/hs-programmes/ghdlt/>

    (Application Deadline: 31 May 2019, Friday)

    Programme Highlights:

    • Table-top simulation of a major infectious disease outbreak • Learn about leadership and decision-making in GHD crises • Get exposed to real-world GHD issues arisen when countries face emergencies • Mentoring by international experts on careers in GHD • Learn about the HKU BASc(GHD) programme • High Table Dinner • 3-night accommodation at student residential halls

    Enquiry: Mr Jexxxxy Lxx (Tel: 3x17 xxxx, ghdxxx @ hxx.hk <m ailto:ghd xxx @ hxx .hk> )

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