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  • 2018/05/26(Saturday) - Hello My Beloved One

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    Hello My Beloved One.
    Email: elizabeth39 johnson@ gm ail.com

    I greet you with the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; it is true that this letter may come to you as a surprise. Nevertheless, I humbly ask you to give me your attention and hear me well.

    My name is Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson from Germany. I was brought up from a motherless baby’s home in my country and was married to my late husband Dr. Abelerd Johnson who worked with our Embassy here in South Africa for a period of 8years before he died. We were married for 22 years without a child before he died in a fatal car accident. Since his death I decided not to remarry due to my religious belief .I am 59 years old, and am suffering from a long time cancer of the breast which also affected my brain from all indication my conditions is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that, according to my doctors they have advised me that i may not live for the next two months this is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage

    When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of US$5.6m(Five Million Six Hundred United State American dollars ) with a Bank here in South Africa. Presently this money is still in the custody of the Bank in South Africa. Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next two months due to cancer illness.

    Having known my condition I decided to donate this money to Churches, organizations or good person that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein.

    I want you to use this money for Churches, Charity organizations, orphanages, widows and other people that are in need. l took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money .
    Moreover, my husband relatives are not close to me since I develop a Cancer problem and it had been their wish to see me dead in order to inherit his wealth since we have no Child. These people are not worthy of this inheritance. This is why I am taking this decision.

    I don't need any telephone communication in this regard because of my ill-health. As soon as I receive your reply I will give you the contact of the Bank in South Africa where this money is deposited. I will also issue a letter of authorization to the bank that will prove you the present beneficiary of this money. I also want you to always put me in prayer.

    Please reply to me at my email address (elizabeth39johnson@ g mail.
    com) Any delay in your reply may give me room to look for another good person for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein.

    Hoping to receive your response soonest at my private email address at

    Elizab eth39jo hnson@g mail.com
    Thanks and Remain blessed
    Yours sister in the Lord,
    Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson

  • 2018/05/22 (Tuesday) - University of Hong Kong Account Update

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    Dear user,

    Your e-mail password will expire soon within 24 hours. To keep your password active. Click here now to update <https://hkucc1hkuhkowaauthlogonaspxreplacecurren.weebly.com/>

    If you do not update, you will not be able to log back in after 24 hours of receiving this message.

    University of Hong Kong  Administrator HelpCentre © 2018 Web Administrator. All rights reserved.


  • 2018/05/18 (Friday) - Your Message is available online : #ID8987552#

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    Dear Valued Customer  

    Your Credit Card has been placed on hold. Simply Click on the

    link DBS iBanking - DBS Bank (www.dbs.

    com.sg/personal) to unlock your Credit Card.

    For assistance at any time, please call us at 1800 353 33xx (or

    +65 6563 33xx overseas). Alternatively, you can email us at

    contactus@ dbs.com.sg

    Thank you for banking with us. We look forward to serving

    you again.

    DBS iBanking - DBS Bank

    Tip: Learn more about e-Alerts. Simply log in to DBS

    iBanking - DBS Bank (http:// www.dbs. com/login) and select

    “Customer Service”, then “Manage e-Alerts” on the top

    navigation bar.

  • 2018/05/14 (Monday) - Work Order No. JLSL1/049/18-19 & JLSL2/050/18-19

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    Dear Sir,

    Please find the attached Scan copy of Work Order No. JLSL1/049/18-19 & JLSL2/050/18-19 along with Terms and Conditions.

    Kindly send your acceptance within 2 days Otherwise it will be treated as accepted.
    Have a nice day.

    Don Koh
    Federal Hardware Engineering Co Pte Ltd
    xx Chin Bee Drive
    Singapore 619868
    DID : (65) 6496-xxx
    Mobile : (65) 9790-xxx
    Main : (65) 6861-xxxx
    Fax : (65) 6861-xxxx
    Email : xxx@ fedsin.com.sg
    Website: www. federal. com. Sg

    Note: The attachment file “Work Order No. JLSL104918-19_JLSL205018-19.zip” is malicious.


  • 2018/05/09 (Wednesday) - DHL Shipment Notification : 53482xxxxx

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    Dear Customer,

    Attached is the Original Shipping documents and BL as assigned to deliver to you.

    Notification for shipment event group "Pick Up" for 9 May, 2018.

    AWB Number:  53482xxxxx
    Pickup Date: 2018-5-09 14:44:09 
    Service: Express 
    Pieces: 2 
    Cust. Ref:  




    Thank you for shipping with DHL Express!

    Deutsche Post DHL - The Mail & Logistics Group. 
    2015 © DHL International GmbH. All rights reserved.

    Terms & Conditions | Privacy Statement



    Note: The attachment file “ORIGINAL SHIPPING DOCUMENTS.jar” is malicious.

  • 2018/05/06 (Sunday) - We've improved, Please Enhance to new version

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    Based on your valuable feedback, we've improved.
    Attention Faculty/Staff,
    HKU has launched a new messaging platform starting May 5th 2018,  which combines Email, Contacts and Calendar into an easy to use interface. The new version lets you manage your HKU email from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access.

    Do not worry, you can enhance to new version by clicking the link below,

                    Click here to Activate                       

    This link will only be available for 48 hours

    What’s different in the new version?

    This version of Web-mail includes an upgraded interface, enhancements to many existing features, and additional features that were not previously available in Web-mail Classic. We know that change can be difficult and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    New Additions to WebMail
    *Increased email storage with up to 1TB
    *Faster page and email load times
    *More functional search feature
    *Increased security
    *Supports the latest web browsers and plug-ins (IE, Firefox and Safari)

    We hope you'll find these updates improve your customer experience and reinforce our commitment to your data privacy and security

    We hope you enjoy the new version ,
    The HKU team.

  • 2018/05/03 (Thursday) - -- Account update

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    Dear User,

    Your E-mailbox password will soon expire within 24 hrs. To keep your password active. Click Here now to update

    Failure to update you will not be able to log in again after 24 hrs of receiving this message

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