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Spam Email Reports

  • 2018/02/17 (Saturday) - Category A Notification.

    Sender Domain: 
    Google Incorporation
    Belgrave House76 Buckingham
    Palace Road London SW1W 9TQ
    United Kingdom.
    Website: ww w.Goog le.org
    Google Esteemed User:
    Attached document to this email is in PDF; kindly take note that you are required to download and read it very carefully. Do follow the guided instructions.
    Thank you for your patronage towards Google Foundation and have a nice day.
    Matt Brittin.
    CEO Google UK.
    2018 Google - Terms & Privacy.
    Note: Attachment file “Google Official Winner..pdf” is malicious.
  • 2018/02/12 (Monday) - Dear The University of Hong Kong Webmail User

    Sender Domain: 
    Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by the administrator. You may not be able to send or receive new messages until the mailbox size is reduced. For more space, please click here to upgrade your account.
    (Note: If you have trouble clicking this link, then move the mail from your SPAM into your Inbox.)
    Note: The new secure feature upgrades your inbox to a clean, modern look while maintaining your contacts, passwords, aliases and more. It's fast. It's intuitive. It's email at its best.
    © 2018 The University of Hong Kong,
  • 2018/02/12 (Monday) - Phishing email: FW: Your Mailbox ithelp@hku.hk, May Shutdown!

    Sender Domain: 


     Dear ithelp,

     This is hku.hk Administrator, We're writing to inform you that your Account will be permanently locked

     on our server due to your failure to verify and re-confirm your account ownership

     This a secure step to keep all account updated, secured and remove all malicious treat on our server.

     Kindly click on ww w.hku. hk/ re-verify to securely get verified to continue using our service.

     We are going to permanently remove your account ( it help@ hku.hk ),

     if you fail to adheld to our instruction.

     NOTE: This is a one time user verification carried out in purpose to provide a more secured platform and

      shut down robot or malicious users created in purpose of spamming and other fraudulent activities. 

     Best Regards,

     (C) 2018 hku.hk. All rights reserved. NMLSR ID 399801


  • 2018/02/07 (Wednesday) - Action required.

    Sender Domain: 

    All Staff and Students are expected to migrate to the New 2018 Microsoft Outlook Web portal to access the below, click here to migrate.

    ·    Access the new staff directory
    ·    Access your pay slips and P60s
    ·    Update your ID photo
    ·     E-mail and Calendar Flexibility
    ·    Connect mobile number to e-mail for voice mail

    Important notice:  All staffs and students are expected to migrate within 24 hours to avoid delay on mail delivery.

    On behalf of IT Support. This is a group email account and it's been monitored 24/7, therefore, please do not ignore this notification, because it's very compulsory.

    Admin Team.

  • 2018/02/05 (Monday) - Please replace the correct invoice as enclosed.

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Mr.

    Sorry, I sent the invoice without stamp. Please replace the correct invoice as enclosed.

    Best regards,

    xxxx  Corporation
    Ryuko Building 5F, 7-11-11Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-xxxx Japan
    TEL+81(0)3-3545-xxxx1 FAX+81-(0)3-3545-xxxx
    Mobile phone:+81-(80)3170-xxxx
    E-mail; xxxxx@ north wind .co .jp

    Note: Attachment file "invoice.jar" is malicious.


  • 2018/02/05 (Monday) - Quotation

    Sender Domain: 
    To : HR dept


    We attach the quotation to you for your reference.

    Please visit to our website to choosing our new models.


    Our Website : www. Crys  tal trop hy 33 .com 


    Best Regards

    Billy  (Tel : 8212 xxxx)

    Note: Attach men t file “Quota tion.jpg” is suspic ious. 

  • •2018/01/30 (Tuesday) - Purchase

    Sender Domain: 
    Do you have a moment ?
    Local Address:  Central and Western , China
    Hong Kong University
    4/F Knowles Building, Pokfulam Road
    Hong Kong, Central and Western


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