Every new student will be provided with a set of HKU Portal UID and PIN at admission registration.  No application is required by students.  The pre-assigned UID begins with “h” or “u” followed by the 3rd to 9th digit of HKU student number. Students can change their pre-assigned UID once during their entire studies at the University.


Staff with an initial password assigned

The initial password comes with the information sheet “Instructions on Computer Account Application” which is sent together with the appointment letter by the Human Resources Office.

Staff without an initial password assigned

For staff who lost their initial password or are not assigned with an initial password e.g. HKU SPACE staff, they can apply for an HKU Portal account through one of the following online forms-

(accessible within HKU campus only) 

(accessible within HKU campus only) 

For staff who have applied for HKU Portal account before and the end date of their last appointment is within 120 days prior to the commencement of the appointment now on offer, they are not required to submit an application and they should continue to use their previous HKU Portal UID and PIN. Otherwise they are required to re-apply for it using the same HKU Portal UID in accordance with the steps above.

Effective Time

For staff application submitted before noon, the UID and PIN will be ready after 2 pm on the same day. For submission after noon, the UID and PIN will be ready after 8 am on the next day.

Completion of Personal & Family Data Form (for Staff)

Access to Self Service “Personal & Family Data Form” will be available upon creation of HKU Portal UID and PIN. Other Self Service functions will be available on the first day of appointment (Manager Self Service (MSS) functions will only be available with authorization from departments).  It is important for you to complete this e-Form promptly to facilitate, among other things, payment of your salary. 

For “Personal & Family Data Form”, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required when 

  1. access is made outside HKU campus network (see the steps);
  2. viewing or editing of some important personal information (see the steps).

2FA is automatically registered after the application for HKU Portal account is submitted.  For those who need not submit an application for HKU Portal account, please register for 2FA 

Honorary Appointees

For honorary appointees, please apply for a departmental HKU Portal account via their departmental representatives through CF106b for using the central IT services applicable to them.  


For retirees who will return to the University to work under an employment, please contact ITS Service Desk directly at 3917 0123 or for making arrangement.