My account is EXPIRED/INACTIVATED. How can I reactivate my account?

1. HKU Portal accounts are automatically updated based on the staff/student records from the Registry.  For staff, their accounts will be automatically extended for a period of 30 days after the last employment date. For students, they will receive an email from ITS notifying them the actual account expiry date. Students using email accounts can continue using them after graduation.  
2. For staff with employment contract to be renewed or students continuing their studies for another degree/curriculum at the University, their HKU Portal accounts will be re-activated after the Human Resource Office and Registry update the staff/student record.
3. If your HKU Portal account is disabled before Human Resource Office and Registry can update your staff/student record, you may request for extension of your HKU email account by filling in CF150 with a justifiable reason provided.  For extension of 7 days or more, the application form has to be endorsed by Head of Department. 
Extension request for more than 3 months and repeated requests will not be accepted under normal circumstance.
4. If your HKU Portal account is disabled by ITS because of network abuse or computer virus dissemination, you can try the following steps to re-enable your network connectivity under HKU Portal:

Login HKU Portal > Type “Restore Network Access” in the Search field > Click the link “Restore Network Access”

If your network connectivity cannot be resumed after taking the above steps, please send an email to to check if your network port has been disabled by ITS.