User Guide on HKU Portal

1. Introduction

The HKU Portal provides a user-friendly and easy-to-access single sign-on interface for University members to access all the centrally provided IT services including services offered under the Student Information System (SIS), electronic mail, learning management system, web-based administrative applications, and Library services through a high-speed campus network.

2. How to Access HKU Portal?

Staff, students, holders of departmental accounts and retirees can access HKU Portal ( with their HKU Portal UID (User Identification Number) and PIN (password).



HKU Portal UID and PIN are distributed to new students upon admission registration.  No application is required.

Departmental Accounts


Retirees can continue using their email account after retirement.  The account is subject to annual renewal and retirees will receive an email notification for renewing their accounts before 30 June each year.

3. Services Available under HKU Portal

3.1 SIS (Student Information System)

The SIS (Student Information System) supports the management of all student-related information including admissions, timetable schedules, course enrollment, grades, records, transcripts and student self-service, etc.   Please visit Student Information System (for students) and  Student Information System (for staff) for more details. 

3.2 HCM (Human Capital Management) System

The HCM (Human Capital Management) System supports the management of University’s human resource, staff cost budgeting and payroll operations

3.3 Email

Central email/calendar service running on Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) platform is provided for use by staff and students. 

3.4 Learning Management System

Moodle is supported which is the primary Learning Management System for University teaching and learning. The system provides an electronic platform for teachers to post up courses/class materials and students can access the online courses and submit assignment. For more details, see Moodle website.

3.5 Library Services

Online access to the electronic resources and services provided by the Libraries.

3.6 Event Management System

The HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) is designed for departments and student societies to announce and manage their events and activities.  It is extensively used by students, staff and departments for event broadcast, registration and management. Daily events organized by departments and student societies will be displayed and search function is provided for ease of locating an event by organizer, date, keywords, etc. 

4. Security Tips on Using the HKU Portal

4.1 Secure your PIN

HKU Portal UID is a user’s unqiue identification for using the central IT services.  Users are advised to keep their PIN safely and must not disclose it to anyone.  They can change their PIN regularly. If they suspect someone knows their PIN, please change it immediately by following the procedure here.

4.2 Time Out Interval Set for HKU Portal

To prevent unauthorized access, an automatic “time-out” will be activated to drop a session after 4 hours of connection.

4.3 Suspended Access after Successive Login Failures

Access to the HKU Portal will be suspended if successive login failures are recorded.  The account owner will receive an email alert on tempoary account suspension.  This account will be automatically re-activated after a period of time.  For security sake, the account owner should change his/her PIN immediately by following the procedure here.

4.4 Logout

It is important that you LOGOUT and CLOSE all browsers every time you finish using HKU Portal or before you leave your PC unattended. Otherwise, unauthorized persons may access or even change your personal information stored under HKU Portal during an active session left behind.

4.5 Protect Your Computer

Install and update virus detection software regularly to ensure your PC is having the latest protection. Do not open any suspicious or unknown emails and attachments to reduce the chance of computer virus infection.

5. Operating Systems and Web Browsers Supported by HKU Portal

The following tabulates the operating systems and web browsers supported by HKU Portal:


Windows 10

Windows 11

Mac OS X 10.x




hku portal_01hku portal_01 

Microsoft Edge


Safari 6.0.3


While the majority of the HKU Portal applications are supported by the above operating systems and web browsers, there are a small number of applications that are not fully compatible or not supported by certain browsers. The list of exception is tabulated below:

Applications under HKU Portal with known compatibility issues in viewingWindows 10Windows 11Mac OS X 10.x
ChromeFirefoxChromeFirefoxEdgeSafari 6.0.3
My Page tab
My Links      
My Page tab > Self Service > Human Resources
Declaration of Interest      
PRD (Academic Staff)      
PRSD (Non-Academic Staff)      
Tenure & Promotion Tracking      
My Page tab > Manager Self Service > Finance & Enterprises Office
Financial Functions for Operational Staff (FFOS)   
Receipt System (WRS) 
Debit Note System (WDNS) 
My Page tab > Manager Self Service > Estates
Facilites and Space Management Information      
My Page tab > Self Service > Estates
Parking Permit Application      
MyEmail tab
MyEmail tab      
My eLearning tab
Events tab
HKUEMS (Event Manager)     

(1) .x indicates the sub-versions of Mac OS.

(2) Microsoft Edge ‘Internet Explorer mode (IE mode)’ is no longer supported by HKU Portal for Staff.

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