What are the central IT services available for use by honorary appointees?

Honorary appointees can apply for a departmental account via their departments for using the central IT services via CF106b

The following central IT services are available for use by honorary appointees via the said departmental account:

Available Services

Application via

1.  Services available under HKU Portal 

a.     MyEmail


b.     My eLearning (Moodle and Panopto)

Requires the colleague managing Moodle courses in the department to create a Moodle guest account for using the eLearning systems.

c.     MyLibrary

Available for use after the departmental account is created via CF106b (Detail on Library access application refers)

2.  HKU WiFiCF106b
3.  HKU VPNCF106b
4.  2-Factor Authentication (2FA)After HKUVPN service is applied via CF106b, apply here

Access to the departmental account and central IT services will end after the appointment end date without a grace period.