What are the central IT services available for use by honorary appointees?

Honorary appointees can apply for a departmental account via their departments for using the central IT services via CF106b

The following central IT services are available for use by honorary appointees via the said departmental account:

Available Services

Application via

1.  Services available under HKU Portal

a.     MyEmail


b.     My eLearning (Moodle and Panopto)

The colleague managing Moodle courses in the department to create a Moodle guest account for using the eLearning systems.

c.     MyLibrary

CF106bDetail on Library access application (Go to Honorary / Adjunct / Visiting Appointees section)
2.  HKU WiFiCF106b
3.  HKU VPNCF106b
4.  2-Factor Authentication (2FA)After HKUVPN service is applied via CF106b, apply here

Access to the departmental account and central IT services will end after the appointment end date without a grace period.


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