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  • Jul 03, 2013 - WARNING MESSAGE: De-activation Of Email Account!!

    Sender Domain: 

    Message To:  Email Account Owner!


     WARNING!!! A 2013 DFXG Virus Detected on your mailbox and your account will be terminated in a short time from our database. Please verify the continue usage of this account by clicking or coping the below "LINK" to your browser and log-in with your full email Address to keep your account active...


    http: //web.admin.portal.net.tf/


    Failure to do this, will lead to lost of email account...

    Thanks for your understanding and Co-operation.

  • Jun 19, 2013 - webmail Administrator

    Sender Domain: 

    Your mailbox has exceeded the limit 2 GB storage is also defined by your administrator, are 2.30GB running, can not be able to send or receive new messages until you confirm your mailbox. To re-validate your mailbox. do


    click on the link below:


    http://  webmailsystemadministration1.webs.com/


    System Manager

    webmail Administrator

  • Jun 18, 2013 - Hello

    Sender Domain: 

    Your two incoming mails is on pending status due to our recent database upgrade Click, http:// hkuweb  mail service.webs.com/ to lo-gin for online account upgrade and await Service Desk for response,we apologies for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.



    Service Desk

    Pokfulam Hong Kong

    Fax:852 2858 2548

    Copyright 2012 The University of Hong Kong


  • Jun 14, 2013 - ATTENTION!!!

    Sender Domain: 

    This E-mail is sent by the HelpDesk Expert for IT Support system for Mailbox notification and update purposes. Your IP is causing conflict because it is been accessed in different server location. You need to Upgrade and expand your email quota click or copy and paste the below link to upgrade and verify your account.

    CLICK HERE:<h ttp://for  ms.logiforms.com/for mdata/user_for ms/63510_188221/310580/pa ge1.html?cache bust=4010>

    Failure to do this will result to email deactivation within 72hours Thank you for your understanding.
    Copyright ?2013 Helpdesk Technical Support Centre.

  • Jun 13,2013 - Email Security Reset

    Sender Domain: 


    This is the webmail administrator. Please, be informed that the email server has just been upgraded and your email needs reset immediately through the Email Administrator's page.

    This process is to keep your email functions updated and protected as always.

    Click here to reset your email now

    Email Administrator.

    Copyright 2013 © Administrator

  • Jun 11, 2013 - 900000 KB

    Sender Domain: 

    Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by your administrator.
    Your mailbox size is 1098957 KB.
    Mailbox size limits:
    You will receive a warning when your mailbox reaches 900000 KB.You may not be able to send or receive new mail until you reduce your mailbox size.
    To make more space available, Login Here to reduce your mailbox size.:LOGIN TO OUR MESSAGE CENTRE

    Help Desk

  • Jun 05, 2013 - Account Review:

    Sender Domain: 

    Account Review:


    This is to inform you that we detected An unknown user was trieing to login your mailbox account with an incorrect password on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 05:16 GMT, and with an known DNS IP Location: Czech Republic IP=, as a result of that we partially blocked your mailbox accounts due to security protocols,

    Kindly visit our Webmail servers Re-Activation Center Click Here:  http://   ow.ly/lIfvC  and login to activate your mailbox account. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience Webmaster copyright @ 2013 all rights reserved

  • Jun 05, 2013 - Re; Reply immediately, You Have Won Fifa Lottery!!

    Sender Domain: 

    Click on the Attached file for your Original message!




    Microsoft London (Cardinal Place) 100 Victoria Street,London
    SW1E 5JL

    Ref: FIFA/MOP/2012-3

    www.   fifa.com



    Dear Winner!! ,

    We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being the legal beneficiary/User of this selected e-mail address, selected for the Fifa 2014 Microsoft online promotional Awards. There was a computer ballot that was organized by the Microsoft Online Network and was sponsored by FIFA, MICROSOFT NETWORK, on Wednesday 24th April 2013, at Johannesburg, South Africa. This promotion was held in South Africa because of the successful FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP that was hosted in South Africa (2010) and the main aim of this award, is to promote the up coming FIFA 2014 WORLD CUP that will be host in Brazil

    Five (5) email addresses was finally picked out from among the total 1,000,000 email addresses, and out of those 5 email addresses, your Email address is among the winning e-mail address on the winning Pot, which was attached For your Security code FIFA/+ QU34005 or Pin Code Number: 1208 to Winning Numbers: FIFA/MOP/2012-14 21 30 39 40 47 and Bonus Number is (31) and Winning Amount is (ONE MILLION BRITISH POUNDS STERLING) (GBP£1,000,000.00)


    DR. Frank  Casar

    Email: frankcasar5za  @yahoo.co. uk

    Cell;    +44 702 409 6713


    The Computer ballot qualified your Email address as one of the Five (5) lucky winners of the Said sum-(ONE MILLION BRITISH POUNDS STERLING) (GBP£1,000,000.00) you are required to fill the Form below, etc. As listed below and forward it to your Processing Agent.


    WINNING NUMBER: FIFA/MOP/2012-14 21 30 39 40 47    


    BONUS NUMBER: (31)




    PIN NUMBER: 1208


    1. Full name:                      


    2. Country:


    3. Telephone Number:


    4. Fax Number:


    5. Sex:                                    


    6. Date of birth:


    7. Marital Status:                    


    8. E-Mail Address:


    9. Occupation:


    10. Contact Address:


    11. Amount Won: (GBP£1,000,000.00)


    12. Copy of your int l. passport,/National identity card or drivers license.


    Once your agent acknowledges receipt of this required detail, transfer would commence.

    Thanks and Congratulations!

    THANKS .


    Please don't  reply me, just go ahead and contact your Claim agent 'Dr.Frank Casar'with his info below;

    DR. Frank  Casar

    Email: frankcasar5za  @yahoo.co. uk


    Cell +447024096713                       

    Click on the Attached file for your Original message!

  • May 28, 2013 - FINAL WANING

    Sender Domain: 

    Từ: nguyenthihuan
    Đã gửi: 28 Tháng Năm 2013 4:15 CH
    Đến: notice@domain.org
    Tiêu đề: FINAL WANING

    This Message is From Helpdesk. Due to our latest IP Security upgrades we have reason to believe that your webmail account was accessed by a third party. Protecting the security of your webmail account is our primary concern, we have limited access to sensitive webmail account features.Failure to revalidate, your e-mail will be blocked in 24 hours.To Confirm Your E-mail Account click on the link below:

    http:// webmailaccountupgrade102.webs .com/

    Your account information is safe and secured with the Help-desk.
    Thank You.
    System Helpdesk
    Copyright 2013©.


  • May 28, 2013 - Notice!

    Sender Domain: 

    You have won 560,000:00 GBP in Free Lotto, without the sale of any tickets!

    Send. Full Name: Address:. Sex:. Date of Birth:. Mobile Number:


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