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Spam Email Reports

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  • Sep 19, 2012 - HSBC: confirmation required (C61C0DC9)

    Sender Domain: 

    HSBC  The world's local bank

    Online account has been suspended (reason: Our technical securities have observed error logins from User ID.).

    Although your account has been suspended your data may still be available for up to 24 hours, after which it will be deleted.

    Please click MyAccount to prove the rightful holder.

    Thank you.
    Customer Service Centre

  • Sept 16, 2012 - Subject: Messenger from Administrator

    Sender Domain: 

    Your E-mail® Account needs to be updated with our F-Secure R-HTK4S new version anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-spyware. Please click this link below for update


    http:/ /    contactme.com/504ebcd19063540002014938


    We Are Sorry For Any Inconvenience.




    All rights reserved®.ABN 31 088 377 860 All Rights Reserved

  • Sep 14, 2012 - Warning: the user webmail hku

    Sender Domain: 

    Warning: the user webmail hku,


    You have exceeded your quota limit webmail account hku of 250 MB and is asked to expand within 48 hours or more to your webmail account is disabled hku our database. Just click here https ://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dC1VTEhiYXNKcWlUVDc3OE9xVEJZdEE6MQ with complete information required to increase its stake hku to 1GB webmail account.

    Thank you for using webmail services hku.

    Copyright © 2012/13 hku Information Center webmail.


  • Sep 13, 2012 - mailbox quota storage limit

    Sender Domain: 


    You have reached the storage limit of your mailbox.


    Please visit the below link to restore your email access.


    http://sys tem-administrator.net.ms/


    System Helpdesk


    Pursuant to School Board policy and administrative procedures, this e-mail system is the property of the School District of Collier County and to be used for official business only. In addition, all users are cautioned that messages sent through this system are subject to the Public Records Law of the State of Florida and also to review by the school system. There should be no expectation of privacy.

  • Sep 12, 2012 - Attention: hku.hk user

    Sender Domain: 
    We are currently engaged in account maintenance service.
    As a subscriber, you are required to confirm your continued membership.
    Failure to confirm your continued membership will lead to service suspension.
    Click here to Login and confirm in one simple step.
    This is to improve our service quality. We are sorry for inconveniences
    NOTE: You are required to update your account within 24-hour
    Thank you.
    ©Webmaster Unit [The University of Hong Kong]


  • Aug 23, 2012 - (Warning) Your account is opened in one other location with network IP

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Webmail User ,


    We noticed your account is open in one other location with network IP address ( lick here/Open

    www.do mainblacklist.veri fy/logout to logout the account from your mailbox and block the IP, from login in again from the address.



    Webmail Support

    Webmail [2011] [! Inc Webmail Service]. All rights reserved



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