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  • 2017/12/14 (Thursday) - FYI: An Open Letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights by 14 HK NGOs

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    Dear All,
    Enclosed please find for your information an open letter we circulated on the International Human Rights Day together with another 14 local groups.  (co-signatories updated from 14 to 15)
    The High Commissioner's office has acknowledged receipt and have officially filed the petition.
    IHRD Joint Letter.doc
    15 NGOs from Hong Kong.xls
    Note: The two URL are malicious.
  • 2017/12/11(Monday) - ACCOUNT.

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    Your mailbox is almost full and out dated.

    This is to inform you that our webmail Admin Server is currently congested, and your Mailbox is out of date. We are currently  deleting all inactive accounts so please confirm that your e-mail account is still active by updating your current and correct details by CLICKING HERE
    Admin Department
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  • 2017/12/11(Monday) - Claim Bitcoin Gold(BTG)

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      The bitcoin gold cryptocurrency, which split from bitcoin in October had a succesful start since it launched its live network on November 29.

      The newest fork of the bitcoin blockchain is officialy added on all users wallets.

      Bitcoin gold is distributed now to anyone who owned bitcoin at the time of the split !

    1 To claim your Bitcoin Gold(BTG) just follow the next steps

               Click here to claim your Bitcoin Gold [1]


    h ttp://ssgr ee.com/confbtc/66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB/66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB/66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB/66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB/66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB/66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB/66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB66d2vbv3VG2h3nNB/

  • 2017/12/04 (Monday) - RE:PAYMENT BREAKDOWN

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    Dear Sir 

    Please kindly note that and we are Transferring payment again to your Designated bank As advised earlier. 

    Kindly see attached covering letter with Bank Swift for follow up with your bank. 

    Also see below specification Of payment breakdown. 

    USD 3,146.05 
    USD 28,550.00 
    EUR 13,995.20 
    EUR 2,505.00 
    EUR 57,808.25 
    EUR 69,225.41


  • 2017/12/04 (Monday) - IT Service Desk

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear User,
    Due to routine maintenance and enhancements to the following programs or systems access will not be available for use on Friday, December  01, 2017 from 6pm.
                                                     Network Systems
    *  Access from district desktop computers (i.e. district drives-V:, W:, U:, T:, etc.)
    *  VPN Access from outside the district
    *  Wireless Network or Internet Access from laptops or tablets
    *  E-mail-via Outlook, Outlook Web, and Smartphones
    *  Adobe Connect
    *  Enrich
    *  Online employment application system
    *  Nutrition Services MCS and PCS
    *  Oracle
    Please MIGRATE to verify account.
    Follow the procedure and complete information by clicking on MIGRATE. A new space will be created within 24 hours which will give you access to the above.
    If Upgrade is not done within the next 24hour(s)  your next log-in Access will be declined.
    Thank you,
    IT Service Desk.


  • 2017/12/01 (Friday) - 电子邮件升级(不要忽略)!

    Sender Domain: 

    亲爱的 xxxxx @hku.hk,

    这是我们的自动安全系统的安全通知,您的电子邮件:xxxxx @hku.hk 不安全 可能有病毒。
    保护您的邮箱免受网路钓鱼和病毒攻击。 在24小时内升级您的电子邮件安全。

  • 2017/11/30 (Thursday) - FYI

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    Hello Sir, attached Bank form for your perusal.
    We need to proceed asap as there is no much time.
    Our client has placed an instruction.
    Thank you.

    Regina Abdulhassan

    Al Marefa Street,Al Ghubrah
    Muscat,Sultanate of Oman

    Tel +968  24497xxxx/2449xxxx
    Fax +968 24497xxxx I Cell +968 91316xxxx
    Branches: Al Ghubrah (HO), Ruwi, Barka ,Al Hail & Seeb
    Email: accountant @ omantb. com

    Website: www. omantb. com
    Note: The attachment file “INSTRUCTION FORM.zip” detected having virus.


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