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  • 2017/10/25 (Wednesday) - PO

    Sender Domain: 


    This attached PO 900493 order was put on hold and customer service told us to contact someone in

    Accounting about this issue? You can reach me by email or my office at 336-822-4142.

    Thank you,


    Liam Wardle - Hayley Exeter

    Unit 4 Knowle Business Units, Silverton Road, Matford, Marsh Barton, Exeter, EX2 8HJ.

    Tel: 01392823180

    Email: liam.wardle@ hayley -group.co.uk

    Website: www. hayley -group.co.uk

    Registered office: Hayley Group Limited, Shelah Road, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3XL, England

    Company No: 1257303. VAT No: GB 287546119

    Note: The attachment file "PO900493.jar" is malicious.

  • 2017/10/18 (Wednesday) - Reminder: other device has been sign in to your account

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Customer,

    We notify you of your current account activity,
    that someone has used your account in a suspicious location, activity details :

    •    Date and Time : September, 12, 2017 at 02:32 AM
    •    Device : Iphone 6s
    •    Opertaing System : IOS 10.3.3
    •    Country : Nigeria
    We recomended you to open our attachment (pdf) for message details,you will find our secure message for recover you're account.

    AppIe Suport

    Note: Attachment file “Doc_account_ticket_hk#820948098.pdf” is malicious.

  • 2017/10/18 (Wednesday) - PAYMENT

    Sender Domain: 

    Pls find attached swift copy of payment.
    We paid this onbehalf of your customer, urgently get back to us with confirmation.
    Thanks and Best Regards
    Ahmed Barka

    Note: Attachment files “PAYMENT.rar” and “Purchase Order Confirmed.rar” detected having virus.

  • 2017/10/16 (Monday) - Good Business Proposal for You

    Sender Domain: 

    Dear Friend,
    I am Mr. Wong Shiu Ki, an Account Officer with the International Bank of Taipei and I have a very sensitive and confidential brief for you from international bank of Taipei, Taiwan. I am requesting for your partnership in re-profiling funds I will give the details, but in summary, the funds are coming via Bank of Taipei Taiwan.
    This is a legitimate transaction; you will be paid 35% for your Management Fees". If you are interested, please write back and provide me with your confidential telephone and fax numbers, Country and I will provide further details and instructions. Please keep this confidential, as we can't afford more political problems. Finally, please note that this must be concluded within two weeks. Please write back promptly to my private email: sxxxxxxx@ yandex.com Please do not reply if you are not interested.
    Please if you are not interested delete from your mailbox.
    I look forward to it.
    Mr Wong Shiu Ki.
    sxxxxxxx@ yandex.com

  • 2017/10/11 (Wednesday) - RE:

    Sender Domain: 
    Your Compensation fund is READY. Please view attached PDF File for further INFORMATION.
    Note: Attachment file "BUREAU.pdf" is malicious.


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