The disk quota limit for all graduate accounts running on is 10MB. You will receive an alert message when you have used 85% of your disk quota.If your disk quota has exceeded, you will not be able to receive new mail or delete old mail as the trash folder is full.  Please do either one of the following:

1) Temporarily Increase Your Disk Quota

You can temporarily increase your disk quota by the following steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click the link “Check Quota”.
  3. Click the link “Check or temporarily adjust your quota on”.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. When the disk quota page appears, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Confirm” to temporarily increase your disk space.  Logout from
  6. Wait for 5 minutes and login again.  You should be able to delete old emails and reduce your disk quota usage to below 10MB.

2) Delete Mails Without Moving to Trash Folder

You can set your account to delete emails without saving them in the Trash folder.  Please follow the procedure at here to arrange this setting.

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