**The following print client is available for use from August 2019 onwards.  Please install it for using the uPrint service on Mac.  Print client installed before August 2019 cannot be used.**

1. Prerequisites

  1. Administrator right of PCs for software installation.
  2. Using SSID “HKU” for WiFi connection (other SSIDs are not supported).

2. Installation Procedure

  1. Download the package by clicking here (this is a 64-bit version supporting macOS 10.15 Catalina, updated on 30 Oct 2019).
  2. Click the package in the Downloads folder.
  3. The following message is shown because the security preference does not allow the installation of apps not from the App Store. Click “OK
  4. uprint_mac01
  5. Click “Yes” to continue the installation.
  6. The print client (called AMDP Print Client) will be installed automatically.
  7. Go to “System Preferences…” “Security & Privacy”, you will see the blocked message.Click “Open Anyway” to allow the installation.
  8. uprint_mac02
  9. Click “Open” to confirm the installation of the package.
  10. uprint_mac03
  11. The installer window is shown.  Under the “Introduction” section, click “Continue”.
  12. uprint_mac04
  13. Keep the default destination, click “Continue”.
  14. uprint_mac05
  15. Click “Install” button to proceed.
  16. uprint_mac06
  17. A security dialog will be prompted to ask for “Your Administrator Account” credentials as shown below.   Enter the Username and Password of your Mac and click “Install Software” button.
  18. uprint_mac_07
  19. The installation will then begin.
  20. uprint_,mac08
  21. Click “Close” button after successful installation.
  22. uprint_mac_09
  23. The Print Client will be shown in the Dock (bottom bar).
  24. uprint_mac10
  25. The following login box should be prompted.
    • Type HKU PortalUID/Library card no. and your PIN to login.
    • Click “Login”.
    • Your login credential will be saved by default and the print client will auto connect to uPrint server when your Mac computer connects to HKU WiFi or HKU VPN.
  26. uprint_mac11

    Note: If you change your HKU Portal UID/PIN, please select the “print client” at the top right and choose “Logout”.


    Please click the “Print Client” uprint_mac10 and enter your HKU Portal UID and new PIN.

3. Submit Print Job using uPrint

  1. Check if your Mac is connected using the WiFi SSID “HKU” (other SSIDs are not supported) or connecting to HKUVPN.
  2. Open the file e.g. in MS Word.  Select the “Print” function.
  3. Select the uPrint print queue, “uPrint (BW)” or “uPrint (Color)” and confirm to print.
  4. To check the print job status, please click the print client at the top right.
  5. uprint_mac13
  6. Choose “Follow You Print”.
  7. uprint_mac_14
  8. You can see the files that are ready to print. You can collect your printouts from any uPrint printers.
  9. uprint_mac15

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