User Guide on Event Management System (HKUEMS)

1. Introduction

HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) is a web-based service provided by Information Technology Services for event organizers in all departments/units. It has the following 3 functions:

  1. Publicity: The HKUEMS enables departments to publicize their events online for HKU members and/or the public.
  2. Registration: It provides a registration facility, which is optional and departments may choose to use for their events as appropriate.
  3. Reporting: Data on public events will be extracted from the HKUEMS for internal reporting (e.g. Budget and Resources Committee (BRC)) and external reporting to the University Grants Committee (UGC) in the annual Common Data Collection Format (CDCF) exercise. 

Event managers should use the HKUEMS ONLY for events organized by HKU departments/units. 

2. How potential target audience see the event announcements

Events published by the HKUEMS can be classified as viewable by HKU-only or by Public. The “viewable by staff, students and public” events are shown on the HKU Home page. The “HKU-only” events are only viewable by HKU members with HKU Portal accounts. They are shown inside the HKU Portal under the “Events” tab. As a default, only events of the current day will be displayed, while the full list of all events posted in HKUEMS can be viewed by clicking on the “HKUEMS” icon to launch the HKUEMS system in a full window.

To cope with the preferences of different HKU members, the HKUEMS offers 3 views for HKU members with HKU portal accounts, namely daily events, weekly events and monthly events, for them to locate events of their interests. In addition, they can also look for specific events via a handy “Search” function, or filter the event list by choosing the event organizers using a “Preference” function. They can click on an event to view the details and to register for attending the event.

3. Features of HKUEMS for event managers

HKU staff/students with an active HKU portal account can apply for an event manager account via CF148 “Application for Event Manager Account in HKU Event Management System”. Only registered event managers can post up events under HKUEMS.

3.1 Event Announcements

Event managers can access the HKUEMS system from the HKU Portal to input information on their events. If an event is for HKU members only, it will be displayed in the HKU Portal’s “Events” tab; and if the event is for the public, it will be displayed on the HKU homepage as well. Event managers can show (publicize) or hide (not publicize until later) their events at any time. They can also amend details of their events online.

An event posted on HKUEMS will be displayed on HKUEMS (immediately after posting), and where applicable, the HKU homepage (one hour after posting) as well as the “Weekly Notice for Media” maintained by the Communications and Public Affairs Office (on Friday afternoon).

The system is best viewed and run with Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above. Problems such as inaccuracy may arise if other browsers are used to create or update event details, or register for events.

3.2 Online Registration

Event managers may choose to use the HKUEMS for registration of participants if they find it useful for a particular event.  With HKUEMS, online registration can be easily initiated for any event.  The HKUEMS registration function allows event managers to communicate with registrants by its email function so that they can send them reminders or notify them of any subsequent changes. In addition, event managers can add and specify their own data fields in the registration form, define the registration period, set an admission quota, enable the waiting list, etc. Information collected from the online registration can be easily pre-viewed in HKUEMS, or downloaded for further processing.
The technical requirement of using the registration facility is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above. 
The use of the registration facility is optional.  There is no need to use the registration function of the HKUEMS for registration if it could not cater to the specific needs of an event.

3.3 Templates for Frequent Events and Email Messages

Event managers may have events that are conducted regularly, or have standard email messages for sending to the registrants. HKUEMS allows event managers to create reusable templates for events and email messages. With these templates, event managers can handle such regular work much faster.

3.4 Online Payment Functions

HKUEMS supports online payment by credit card. Please contact the Finance and Enterprises Office (FEO) to apply for a Bank of East Asia Merchant Account in the first instance.

Event managers can define the events to accept online credit card payments by the JETCO payment gateway service. Multiple fee types and different currencies (HKD/USD) for registration can be defined, including an ‘early bird’ rate for any fee.

To request for using these APIs, departments please fill in CF106 by selecting the option “HKU JETCO Payment Gateway APIs” and return a non-disclosure agreement which is available under the form.

3.5 Post-Event Data Required for Reporting

Data on public events will be extracted from the EMS for internal reporting (e.g. BRC) and external reporting to the UGC in the annual CDCF exercise. Event managers should input the actual number of attendees after an event at the Post-event page of the HKUEMS. For chargeable events, event managers are required to input data on total income and total expenditure, in addition to the actual number of attendees. If the HKUEMS was used for registration of attendees in a chargeable event, an automatic email reminder will be sent to the event manager one month after that chargeable event.

4. How to hide/show an event in HKUEMS and HKU website

By default, an event created under HKUEMS will be shown in HKU website (a & b below), “Events” tab of HKU Portal (c below) and HKUEMS (d below). Event managers can choose to hide their events from showing on these sites.
  1. HKU website
  2. event
  3. Today’s Events under HKU website:
  4. HKUEMS_02
  5. “Events” tab in HKU Portal
  6. HKUEMS_03
  8. HKUEMS_04

4.1 Hide or show function in HKUEMS

Event manager can choose to hide or show an event as described in the above section. The function is accessible through the “Events” tab of HKU Portal > click HKUEMS > Manager tab > Event Management > Manage Active Events.


  • H means the event is hidden on HKU website, “Events” tab of HKU Portal and HKUEMS.
  • S means the event is shown on HKU website, “Events” tab in HKU Portal and HKUEMS.

4.2 To hide an event

  1. Go to Manager tab > Event Management > Manage Active Events > Click on ““.
  2. HKUEMS06
  3. Click “Hide Event” button.
  4. HKUEMS_07
  5. The system will show the following to confirm the action.
  6. HKUEMS_08
  7. Event status under Manager tab > Event Management > Manage Active Events is changed to “H“.
  8. HKUEMS_09

    Note: The events listed under HKU website synchronize with HKUEMS on an hourly basis. Thus, it may take at most an hour to reflect the update on HKU website.

4.3 To show an event

  1. Go to Manager tab > Event Management > Manage Active Events > Click on “H“.
  2. HKUEMS_10
  3. Click “Show Event” button.
  4. HKUEMS_11
  5. The system will show the following to confirm the action.
  6. HKUEMS_12
  7. In Manager tab > Event Management > Manage Active Events, the event status is changed to icon “S“.
  8. HKUEMS_13

Note: The events listed under HKU website synchronize with HKUEMS on an hourly basis. Thus, it may take at most an hour to reflect the update on HKU website.


Multi-Factor Authentication

February 2024
February 2024

Mandatory for all staff accounts

May 2024
May 2024

Mandatory for all student accounts